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Guangzhou city be good at bright content sheds limited company
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Company brief introduction
Actual strength is abundant the advantage is clear
Guangzhou city be good at bright content sheds limited company is a tripartite content that devotes oneself to integrated Guangdong and even countrywide content to spread resource sheds a company, it is one is engaged in Guangdong at the same time provincial the transport company of freight business. Be good at bright content flows register fund 1 million, wu of industrial and commercial, duty, hand in appoint complete set card is illuminated all ready. A lot of from personnel of course of study it is the seasoned top ace inside course of study. No matter go,0 still are sent truckload, fast, cheap, broad —— is be good at bright content sheds the clearest advantage.
Network of special railway line spreads all over the whole nation
Guangzhou city be good at the data of the special railway line of thousands of freight that bright content sheds limited company to mastering Guangdong to send each district of past whole nation and rather in most special railway line has good cooperation to concern, can deliver any goods toward China with inferior value at any time anyplace. Because cooperative special railway line is much, choice room is big, can ensure 0 goods of the client sent a car that day so, still go quickly than already opening the possibility of special railway line oneself; Because money amount is large, special railway line takes seriously very much with be good at bright collaboration concerns, so be good at bright deliver goods the price always is very low; Because cooperative relationship is extensive, all cities have countrywide each district be good at bright co-worker, be in China, be good at bright the place that did not take almost.
The return trip carries integrated expert
Guangzhou city be good at the detailed data of the goods train of road of thousands of director that bright content sheds limited company to mastering countrywide each district to often go back and forth between Guangdong, can find what Guangdong leaves for any Chinese cities to turn round at any time car. Car of whatever special type has, train in excess specified length, exceed wide, freeboard, overweight goods to be able to be sent. Be good at bright information branch sheds company and car of assign of freight special railway line for manufacturer, content everyday a few, in a few of Guangzhou large parking lot has be good at bright contact member. The respect is measured in the iformation flow of supply of goods and car source, be good at bright content sheds a likelihood is Guangdong the first, the resource conformity expert that can call content to spread a trade.
Big are carried 3 exceed thing
Guangzhou city be good at bright content sheds limited company and countrywide each district the home is large a few transport companies have cooperative concern, but at any time rice of assign 2.7—3.2 Mi Kuan, 12—18.5 long, lug 2, lug 3, 2 pull the on any account of 3 board, bear the weight of 80—180 cubic metre, 20—60 ton. Can find low batholith semi-trailer, sunken template car and bear the weight of 600 tons of large tractor inside and what can adjust car board height and length is adjustable board. Can deal with 3 exceed card. Incoming telegram of friend of greeting all circles seeks advice.
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