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Limited company of facilities of traffic of industry of Shenzhen city Hua Di dis
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Limited company of facilities of traffic of industry of Shenzhen city Hua Di district is the company of project of special type exercise that approves especially in industrial and commercial bureau and the Ministry of Communication, main scope of operations is: Carry on project of traffic safety establishment (glance mark card, cold heat besmears graticule, prevent bump protect column, segregation bar, prevent bewildered board, glance spike, glance wall of outline mark, sound insulation, design and construction city traffic control a system, road, bridge, channel collect fees, monitoring and communication system, parking lot licence examines and approve business, development, production, sale product of new-style transportation safety, acting abroad makes a safe product, the technical service that provides relevant product and information seek advice.
Our company are administrator, professional now technical personnel and construction technology backbone 38 people, among them advanced title 4 people, intermediate title 15 people, the others by the professional technology such as project of road bridge, traffic, mechanical, computer, automata, finance personnel reachs the construction team composition that has rich construction experience. Our company have an import much platform of equipment of graticule of Leng Tu, hot frit; Complete set glances mark card produces equipment; Protect column to install equipment; Parking lot system is installed, debug equipment; Collect fees, signal system setup, debug equipment; Prevent dazzle board, glance production of mark of spike, outline and construction install equipment.
The principle that our company always pursue is “ quality the first, the user is consummate ” , come for years, province city waited to carry on in Guangdong, Shandong, Sichuan, Hubei with superior construction quality and good reputation a lot of traffic project projects, what all be managed by owner and inspect is consistent reputably, our company produce glance the product such as vertebra of the slope of mark card, decelerate, belt that protect column, traffic already exported country and the city such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao.