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Shenzhen mayor city store ministry of freight of island of annulus of carry mone
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My company is by municipal government, city carriage bureau approval is registered, city of mayor of directly under Shenzhen is landed (group) the Great Wall of Inc. store carry limited company. Industrial and commercial register name: Bugle call of 440323320003849 deep duty: 420122651004621.
<br>   our company major is engaged in delta of Guangdong, Pearl River reaching goods of aviation accident road to highway of countrywide each district, railroad carrying trade Wu of 0 truckload, combination going there and back. Reach workshop equipment to remove, hoisting, shift, product equipment hits wood to pack, condole machine, accident road moves. Acting Hong Kong, Macao reachs international freightage business.
<br>   my company is located in hillock of mud of collect lake area east road and treasure hillock road roundabout, traffic is very convenient. The company deserves to have large parking lot, have 1.5-40 ton car of a variety of model freight car and flatbed tricycle, crate, 5-80 ton large condole machine, 1.5-6 ton forklift. Round-the-clock provide a service for you, holiday as usual goes to work.
Company of <br>   my 們 writes “ 誠 to believe 為 originally this, guest 戶 price of consummate, 運 is reasonable, safe the tenet taking 務 of quick ” , use first the administrative pattern of 進 and 絡 of perfect content drift net, arrive to make your goods safety carries destination, every the goods of our company acceptance of consignment is sure by Chinese restful belongings Inc. accept insurance. According to content 場 drifting city takes 務 demand, not 進 of 斷 開 develop is taken, 現 already 開 connects 內 of straight 達 國 務 of following 貨 運 業