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Shenzhen hards iron content to shed equipment limited company south city
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SJQ of <br> ★   is tipping machine of feed in raw material of type hydraulic pressure (apply to food, chemical industry, plastic the exercise that waits for an industry to add the makings that install pink, grain makings)
<br> ★ is of all kinds litre fall, adjustable, rotate assorted arena (apply to hall of large theater, singing and dancing, asperse inn to wait for culture public place of entertainment)
<br> ★ is other and of all kinds derive product (for example the airport is used board the plane ladder)
Our company pass <br> to be accumulated for a long time with summary, have substantial hydraulic pressure products plan, production experience, existing technology force is abundant, design method is advanced, tooling is all ready, detect the method is complete, can offer all sorts of content to shed the solution that reachs headroom operation for the client. We are with market demand oriented, perfect each function of the product ceaselessly, abide by “ character to be from beginning to end this, serve the management concept of consummate ” , devote oneself to to offer high grade product for the client, perfect service. Company product makes the first selection of domestic company not only, still sell as far as to harbor, bay with southeast Asia and other places, get the recognition of broad user and reliance.

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