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Manufactory of machinery of force of ox of town of Zhongshan city yellow garden
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Manufactory of bovine force machinery is one of plants of course of study of 4 three-year institution of higher learning that machine carries again since Chinese production hydraulic pressure, it is one relies on abroad advanced production technology and the burgeoning enterprise of dig up, have rich experience and abundant actual strength, provide security for the client. Efficient. The content of much angle flows. Carry equipment.
Bovine force machinery makes the product that miller wants have: Hand of suitable? of fleabane of arch of racoon dog of brother's son  uses hydraulic pressure elevatory car, dynamoelectric hydraulic pressure is elevatory car, self-propelled hydraulic pressure is elevatory car, hydraulic pressure rises fall platform, car hydraulic pressure rises fall end board, ascend car bridge, can car, more than 10 kinds of hydraulic pressure such as platform car carry equipment. We can develop all sorts of new products according to the client's demand.

Manufactory of bovine force machinery is hydraulic pressure of car of domestic only market rises fall the development of end board and development, the unifinication of batch production and sale produces a business, the 70% exit abroad of the product, "Hydraulic pressure of car of card of Niu Li " rises fall the first selection brand that end board has made domestic and international numerous and well-known company and government organization.

Manufactory of bovine force machinery September 2006, examine through China attestation group ISO9001: Attestation of 2000 quality system, CBY series hand moves hydraulic pressure to carried a car to already passed German TUV product to serve the CE/GS attestation of the company.

Product of manufactory of tool of bovine force machine already exported 50 many countries and area, in home each are big the city sets a sale to serve a site 300 many, very tall market reputation is enjoyed on domestic and international market.

My company abides by “ all tenets that are client consider ” , offer carry out car to seek advice for the user wholeheartedly, professional maintenance, service, holiday is nonstop, welcome aboard or call a choose and buy.