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Norwegian and postal take-over content of extensive north Europe sheds company P
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Norwegian and postal with publishing the quotation from joint-stock associate Denmark bought content of extensive north Europe to shed a company in postal hand (PNL) odd the share of 50% . This action will make Norway postal with the Sweden that is about to incorporate - Denmark is postal the group laps in area and advantage position is in in the competition of content shedding branch.

The competitive management board that wants Sweden, Norway and Denmark only carries this agreement consistently, take-over the job can undertake. Dag Mejdell of Norwegian and postal presiding apparitor says: “ is bought this is the main component that content of Europe of Norwegian and postal north sheds market dilate strategy. PNL is the company with a perfect organization, have firm international bond network and giant consumptive group, the content that suits Europe of north of Norwegian and postal development very much sheds business. Norwegian and postal the respect is purchased to hold strong position all the time in the network, buy this will be Norway postal strengthen position of boreal Europe market to provide capacious platform. ”

PNL returns as will postal as Norway other subsidiary (like NorCargo and Box company) undertake cooperative. This matchs those who be area of Europe of Norwegian and postal north to send offer unifinication wrap up and content to shed a solution.

The presiding apparitor Benny Rhe Hansen of PNL company complements, norwegian and postal the partner that is PNL company ideal. It is boreal Europe area provides innovation power most and it is one of oriented postal service suppliers with the client, can will make with clasp of Norwegian and postal group PNL company gains powerful competitive advantage.

In financial first half of the year 2008 report, postal statement already signed Denmark the agreement turns his to Norway in the share of PNL postal, dan Dan wheat is postal the client that still has home of authority government Denmark concerns.

PNL company held water 1997, headquarters is located in Swedish Stockholm, be by business of a few postal operation joint-stock the company of the package that cross a state that establish. The company has 200 stuff, 15000 clients, business basically is centered in IT, spin and electronic industry, electronic business affairs and mail-order business also grow rapid. 2007, the wrap up portfolio of PNL company is 12.3 million, turnover grew 21% , achieve Ke Lang of 1.6 billion Sweden (169 million euro) , 45 million Sweden captures implementation business profit bright (4.75 million euro) .

PNL company has 6 area key position in Sweden, Norwegian, Denmark and Finland, use Norwegian, Denmark and Finnish postal operation business to undertake deserving to send at present, there are 30 businesses that distribute a packet to be in charge of carrying about in Sweden. It is beyond boreal Europe area, the postal operation business of PNL and Europe and North America undertakes cooperative. In January 2009, PNL will be in Sweden the large terminal service station with new open of J Nk Ping, promote its service capability further thereby.
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