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Germany is postal sell postal bank German bank beforehand
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Germany is postal the major stock that prepares to run its some postal banks sells German bank with the price of billions of euro. Germany is postal from now on will dedicated at postal the development that sheds business with content.

Recently a few months, germany is postal claim to will sell postal bank all the time, but because buyer offer a price is too low, fail to sell all the time. Postal bank is the retail bank with the biggest Germany, have 14 million client. Current, germany is postal selling with German bank arrangements of postal bank stock has farther negotiation, but had not reached final consensus.

According to German media coverage, hold is postal bank the 50% Germany that increase a share are postal plan first postal bank the share of 29.75% sells German bank, and the share that German bank can buy the rest again after 2 years. Current, it is 7.3 billion euro to the appraisal of postal bank according to market total value, its stock value is 2.2 billion euro about.

Presiding apparitor Josef Ackermann is in German bank the comment is published to say on bank meeting, postal bank special the development strategy that accords with German bank, but whether to buy depend on Germany is postal the price that establish. Recently a few months, the stock price of postal bank is in all the time drop, with photograph of the beginning of the year is compared this year, german bank aux will be able to undertakes buying with lower price.

Buy in Commerzbank bank heart is tired this bank (Dresdner) later, the share that German bank buys postal bank can expand not only the actual strength of oneself, still can consolidate further at the same time the stability of German banking and prosperity.