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FedEx outspread Europe serves to bank of American the East China Sea
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Lead through enlarging the market of European country to enclothe, add Paris newly to capture city to button tile (American new jersey is the biggest city) course and European branch line, fedEx accelerated freightage rate, improved morrow to give a service- - “FedEx international is preferential business ” .

FedEx company says, use two days of clients that give professional work before, can use morrow to give now business outspread to bank of American the East China Sea the 3500 many postal district of staple market. Use morrow to give the client of business before, can shorten carriage time later in 6 hours. Through improving a service, fedEx company can offer Europe to enclothe the widest morrow to give professional work to bank of American the East China Sea for the client.

This new business will be in local time 15: 00 before deliver goes to the United States (include Washington, new York, Niuwake, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore) , do not need a client to pay fee more, still can provide appreciation service for the client.

Through improving a service, the client of European portal city can use morrow to give business to transport heavy mail or predominent goods, fedEx company also is become accordingly exclusive the company that a the next day that carries a level to American the eastpart part gives heavy mail goods. These European portal cities include Brussels, Basel, Copenhagen, Paris, in Er, Milusi, dust Yinhuowen, Stockholm, Maermo and Ge Debao city.

To improve this business, fedEx company is new debutted on the west to pass through Pacific course, added cargo aircraft of MD-11 of a wide body newly, between the European hub that Zhou Er, Zhou Wu goes back and forth between at its to be located in Paris and Niuwake. This course and FedEx company on the west to course of “ round-the-world ” has partial coincide, the leads to global staple market professional work that because this FedEx company is a client,provides is very competitive on time limit of have a change of luck.

FedEx company added transport of two Europe branch line newly still- - cargo aircraft of A310 of the bus in sky (a flying Barcelona - Parisian course, another flying Budapest - Vienna - Parisian course) , enlarged network of in-house aviation of FedEx company Europe, the client that can be this area offers the mailing of later time.

Rajesh Subramaniam of vice president of department of FedEx company international market says: “FedEx company will provide excellent service for the client continuously, make the client marchs toward global market as far as possible. Improve Euramerican the service between is another innovation of FedEx company lift, also be another of strategy of company international development important milestone. ”