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How to undertake content sheds management?
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Building effective origanization construction to build effective origanization construction is the premise that makes sure company goal comes true. Accept the dimensions of the enterprise, property its to restrict continuously not only certainly, return the specific demand that can have its oneself. Enterprise dimensions is different, content sheds the compositive dimensions in the system to also differ, for instance, large company can appear a lot of departments that run certain segment technically, there still can be an unified and harmonious senior official between each branches. But be in in very small agency, an employee may complete all works, come till deliver goods from order government.

So, the operator that builds effective origanization construction to need an industry is measured according to oneself circumstance, the key is the main demand that can make sure the client flows to content.

Content of effective control cost sheds cost to include to pack, assemble and unassemble, carry, memory, treatment, deserve to send, defray of the labor power that content spreads each link such as information management, material resources, financial capacity. Because real thing sheds the complexity of the circumstance and much denaturation, reducing content to shed the method of cost also is varied, do not pass or have a few basic principles.

It is OK to accelerate content velocity of flow to spend whole thing to spread cost cent is two kinds, one kind is alterable cost, another kind is fixed costs.

The memory that the size place of content discharge produces, carrying the cost that waits for a respect is change, but the percentage that holds content to spread cost is fixed, and salary, depreciation cost, overhead expenses these cost are fixed, because this accelerates content to shed the speed, method that enlarges content discharge, make fixed costs sheds the rate in cost to be able to drop substantially in this content, achieve the goal that reduces cost thereby.

Reduce goods and materials of link of have enough to meet need of goods and materials to be in current in can produce cost, if current efficiency is very tall, the cost of generation drops naturally, conversely, the time with current goods and materials is very long, cost agrees to settle not to fall high. Accordingly, agency needs to consider how to accelerate the rate of have enough to meet need as far as possible, the cycle of have enough to meet need shortens as far as possible, thereby the smallest change content to spread cost.

Those who build thing of advanced information processing system to spread information is efficient, make sure content sheds efficient movement of the system effectively, of iformation flow efficient, can make content sheds ground of company at an early date to plan all link, not only obtain first-class client service, return the have enough to meet need that can accelerate content shedding and capital effectively to flow.

Strengthening content to shed management and cost accounting content to shed the discretion of level of management is the directest factor that affects content to spread cost. Although manage itself not to produce beneficial result directly, but it can shed executive branch to shed cost to produce an effect to content through other and specific thing however. Accordingly, strengthen content to shed content of management, implementation to shed operational modernization, it is the directest and effective method that reduces content to spread cost.
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