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Industry of Heilongjiang province express is pushed " new rule
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According to saving postal management board relevant controller introduces, heilongjiang saves the express company that already had dimensions of more than 110 size at present. Express industry belongs to burgeoning industry, be in “ for a time cannot the condition that can depend on ” , partial enterprise and also existing to violate from personnel of course of study compasses manage, the phenomenon of rights and interests of enroach on consumer. Come on stage this " method of express market control " , it is the administrative regulations of market of first special and normative express of our country.

It is reported, " method of express market control " the basic standard that stipulated express serves, all sorts of clearly right harm the condemnatory measure of behavior of consumer rights and interests. The “ illicit that mirrors in the light of consumer tears open express ” , “ to divulge information ” to wait for a problem, " method " in regulation: Express personnel illicit is torn open, annul is express, will be in fine to 5000 yuan with 1000 yuan, those who make crime investigate criminal duty lawfully; Express business breaks the law divulge user information, will be instructed to rectify and reform and be in with highest 30 thousand yuan fine. In addition, " method " the relevant standard that still made clear the respect such as market control of express safety, express.

For cogent the legitimate rights and interests that defends consumer, save near future of postal management board to will be begun to express industry censorial rectify, so that broad consumer lawfully thought fors the time being, the society that shares express trade is supervised. Save ” of hot line of appeal of “ of postal management board: 12305.