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"Social responsibility " become Chinese content to shed a keyword
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Wang Liang of reporter of dispatch of newspaper of online international business reports a few days ago, change by national hair appoint, content shedding of ministry of Department of Commerce, science and technology and China and purchase federation to support jointly, " modern other people sheds a newspaper " read extensively with Suzhou international the “ that the center undertakes jointly the 2nd China (Suzhou) international content flows with supply catenary collaboration to develop a peak meeting ” is held in Suzhou.
Chinese content flows with purchase acting association of goods of federation, China International and Suzhou city main leader attends a meeting speech, have additionally include China sincere, in far content flows, the carry outside China, medium mail content shedding, treasure to offer content shedding, south the home such as content shedding, southern aviation's toppest other people sheds an enterprise to represent; The main leader that comes from the international such as UPS, DHL, CEVA, confederative express to know the name and description of a thing to shed a business; Come from the domestic and international large production company such as much lubricating oil of group of the commodity that bring profit, god China, Lu Neng group, fine fact, wait for the delegate of the relevant unit of the industry with etc car, finance, education, science and technology, add up to more than 600 people attended current peak to meet. As we have learned, this is content of first China International shed afterwards 2007 with since supplying catenary forum, the distinguished gathering of content popularity industry with the dimensions that Jiangsu province holds and highest administrative levels.
Current peak can give priority to a problem with ” of “ harmony, collaboration, join forces, be aimed at year of China content of the Olympic Games to shed industrial good luck and challenge, the problem such as fractionize of the social responsibility that cares with respect to industry place, industry, finance, talent spread out thorough discussion.
On the meeting most suffer those who fix eyes upon is the discussion that sorts enterprise society liability about content. China sincere tell group president pluvial female mentions in the speech: “ enterprise is being created profit, responsible to shareholder interest while, the person that assume pair of employee, offset to expend even, society responsibility to community and environment, group of weak force of commonweal of charities of environment of the legitimate rights and interests that includes to abide by laborer of health of safety of business ethics, production, profession, protection, protection, support, contributory society, protection. The economic responsibility that the person that it includes enterprise offset to expend, employee, partner, community, government and environmental place agree carry and social responsibility. ”
He still emphasizes, main show is in the social responsibility that current Chinese substance sheds a business 4 respects: “ is strategical: Develop modern other people to shed course of study to already brought into national ‘ energetically 915 ’ program, content shedding course of study serves course of study to be highlighted increasingly in the action in national economy as production. Efficient social content fluid fastens stimulative society productivity to rise; The confluence of stimulative industry; The capital that can reduce an enterprise takes up, accelerate capital have enough to meet need, promote the development of national economy thereby.
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