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It is dangerous to cross the goods that save fluid littoral about home before ad
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Prosperous of Shanghai rich abundant arranges 2 enterprises such as marine limited company to apply for to be engaged in home crossing danger of the goods that save fluid to taste a boat to carry littoral to my ministry, concern these 2 companies now examine and approve item summary fair show as follows, fair show period 1 week. Concern unit and individual to undertake informing against to disloyal circumstance please.
Outside dividing subordinate list content, undertake supervisory informing against to the following circumstance at the same time:
1, is the partner that drafts practice company contributive whether true, reach the designated position? The manages a 25 % above partner that has 3 years of above to manage corresponding marine to experience with this means contributive whether does the measure that establishs new company exceed 3?
2, the full-time administrator that whether the main administrator that drafts practice company is a company, and did not hold two or more posts concurrently in cargo ship ship or hold a post in other company?
Connect a telephone call: 010-65292657, 65292643
Traffic Department of Transportation is waterborne department
2 OO8 year on July 28

Accessory: It is dangerous that home crosses the goods that save fluid littoral the transportation enterprises that taste a boat examines and approve item summary

Scope of operations of data of serial number company and safety of main shareholder situation manage SMC of transport power of main administrator certificate 1 Prosperous of Shanghai rich abundant is suitable marine limited company Business address: 1831 403-8 room contacts road of Dong Jing of Shanghai Pudong new developed area phone: Practice of 021-38821122, in be engaged in home reaching the Yangtse River littoral oil tanker of downstream and common cargoboat, finished product is carried. Oil of Beijing constant course of study carries south this company shareholder limited company (contributive forehead occupies 25 % ) the transportation enterprises of finished product oil tanker that is approval of classics my department, its home is reached littoral carriage qualifications and record of service of oil tanker of downstream finished product is full already in the Yangtse River 3 years. The oil carrier that already acquired Shanghai maritime bureau to sign and issue accords with a proof. Number: 05A213
Period of efficacy comes: Vise general manager of 2009.5.16 holds machine Wu director concurrently: Lin Shaoting, hold applies to the chief engineer certificate of oil tanker, DFA231200700538 Sea Wu is in charge of: Zhu Changlin, hold applies to the captain certificate of tanker, BGA121200707327 Have oil carrier oneself 2 (oil of “ Bo Feng offers oil of Bo Feng of 9” , “ to offer 10” annulus) , in all 2351 carring capacity ton. Oil of “ rich abundant offers 9” annulus number of safety administration letter: 05A213001
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