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The sailor registers system and sailor to hold a post the relation of the system:
" crew orders " established system of sailor profession admittance, basically permit implementation through two administration: It is the sailor registers a system, 2 it is the sailor holds a post qualificatory system. The sailor registers a system is to pursueing sailor professional the introduction asks, the sailor holds a post qualificatory system is pair of further requirements of specific work station on the boat. Set double threshold to sailor profession, basically be the risk sex that is based on sailor job and characteristic. To ensure voyage safety, the working station with different shipping asks to differ to nautical major skill, obtain a sailor to register, satisfied the basiccest requirement of aboard job merely, can be engaged in common sailor only (the mechanic that does not attend voyage and turbine to be on duty and common jack-tar) concerned job, and cannot be engaged in attending voyage and turbine to be on duty sailor (captain, mate, second mate, third mate, chief engineer, bassoon annulus, 2 canals annulus, 3 canals annulus) the job, satisfy corresponding record of formal schooling and requirement of qualifications and record of service only, groom through corresponding eligibility, take an exam through corresponding sailor eligibility, after gaining corresponding eligibility competence, ability assumes office in the post closely related as safe as shipping voyage duty. Accordingly, the sailor holds a post qualificatory system registers a system to be paid attention to more than the sailor at real to the sailor skill take exercise and foster, pay attention to what experience at sailor profession to accumulate. Hold a post about the sailor qualificatory system, in " crew orders " promulgate before carrying out, had made " card of hair of exam of eligibility of crew of inland-water-ways vessel ship is regular " and " exam of eligibility of seagoing vessel sailor, evaluate and send card regulation " give standard.

The sailor registers the meaning of the system and action:
Register a system through building a sailor, will sign and issue a sailor to serve the final order that book registers as the sailor, the sailor service book is nautical profession identity document clearly further, emphasized a sailor permitting property from the administration of job seniority, be strengthened further and normative to nautical foundation sexual government works. Register a system through the sailor, maritime administration can hold the post of the information such as record of discharge circumstance, eligibility circumstance, safe record, violate the rules and regulations to undertake dog and administrative to nautical, statistic and analytic sailor amount, composition, distributing wait for a circumstance, better play industry management and industry guidance action.

" method " main provision and requirement:
" method " in all 7 chapters 33, its basically set and ask to have:
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