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Method of express market control (Department of Transportation of traffic of Peo
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The 25th country implements system of assess of express company social estate, build spend with public satisfaction, punctual rate and user appeal lead time limit to serve quality to evaluate a system for the express of core, evaluate test express to serve a level regularly, and to social announcement.
To facilitate postal management department gets pertinent information the 26th, deal with to postal management department inside 20 weekday since the day that express business is getting business license put on record formalities.
Cross province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government to limits runs express business or manage international and harbor, bay, of stage express business, company headquarters to the country postal management department is dealt with put on record formalities, other express business and company branch are dealt with to provincial and postal management department put on record formalities.
Business of the 27th express deals with put on record formalities ought to submit the following document:
(One) the business that postal management department makes the state is main the circumstance puts on record watch;
(2) business charter original and photocopy;
(3) legal representative or chief identification;
(4) service and safety management system;
(5) the other document that law, code, regulations provides.
Business of the 28th express has case case produces change, inside 20 weekday since the day that ought to produce in change, xiang Yuan puts on record mechanism change puts on record.
The 29th postal management department is in receive put on record or modify equipment inside 20 weekday since the day of case file, to putting on record the file undertakes checking. To putting on record of file all ready give put on record or change puts on record.
Thirtieth the supervisory examination that postal management department ought to strengthen pair of express businesses to reach its to observe this method condition from personnel of course of study.
Postal management department carries out supervisory examination lawfully, can take following step:
(One) enter concerned place to undertake checking;
(2) understand a situation to concerned unit and personnel;
(3) consult, duplicate relevant document, data, proof;
(4) discover contraband undertakes registering saving, turn over concerned branch processing;
(5) the illegal behavior to the discovery in the examination, undertake handling lawfully. Counterpoise violates act greatly, the proposal undertakes to its about the branch close down is rectified lawfully, till cancel,manage a qualification.
Thirtieth staff member of a postal management department ought to undertake strictly supervisory checking according to legal process. When carrying out supervisory examination, ought to show execute the law certificate, undertake jointly by name or two two above staff members. Be reached by examination unit its ought to give about personnel cooperate, must not refuse, block up, confidential to concerning a circumstance to give.
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