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Tianjin the freeway unites 6 states level afresh name
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Countrywide freeway is unified name will be in city of area of domestic each province to spread out in succession with number job. The freeway unites level of 6 states of Tianjin city afresh name also will begin with number job.

As we have learned, at present national freeway network is put in name disorder, number skimble-scamble, course of development is discontinuous wait for a problem. Same the freeway has a few different names in different area, went out to bring a lot of inconvenience all right to masses. If become high speed of —— black sea with a flourish, heibei paragraph make maintain ferry high speed, tianjin calls ferry the first paragraph to maintain high speed, the 2nd paragraph calls ferry advance high speed, the 3rd paragraph calls ferry Shan high speed.

According to introducing, every will belong to each road inside national freeway network henceforth, will be a mark with “G” , the number is increased behind, press serial number. The number that sets out from Beijing among them is 1 digit, it is a center with Beijing by north begins to press a clockwise ascend weave; North and south is 2 to course number odd, by Dong Xiangxi ascend weave, if G35 is in of G25 on the west side; The thing is 2 even number to course number, by north Xiang Nasheng foreword is woven, if G28 is in of G18 to. Line of the link that circle a city, contact line for 4 digit, if Tianjin city circles a city,the freeway is G2501.

Current, tianjin has 6 countries class freeway pass through the territory of a country, add up to of course of development 452 kilometers (do not contain repeat) of a section of a highway. According to arrangement, the corresponding name of incognito around is freeway of these 6 countries respectively: Beijing breaths out high speed of black of —G3 of high speed of stage of —G2 of high speed of Shanghai of high speed —G1, Beijing, Beijing, flourish —G25 of —G18, long deep high speed, Tianjin circles city high speed —G2501. Name in the freeway that finish adjust the job with number while, freeway traffic sign also will undertake be adjustmented accordingly. Network of freeway of Tianjin city state changes before mark the end of the year end, work of freeway mark design also will be in province border the end of the year is finished.