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How does rustic earth road leave
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Rustic earth road, road surface condition is poor, the road is narrow and pothole is rough. No matter be sunshine or wet,can produce certain effect to travel. Accordingly, the driver must understand the road surface characteristic below all sorts of climate and condition when up train of rustic earth road, master essentials of safe drive a vehicle, ensure drive a vehicle is safe.

Above all, want to control speed. The fraise such as the pothole on earthy road, clastic rock is more, travelling speed cannot pass fast, otherwise Che Zhen moves aggravate, causing car transmission not only is, walk the parts attaint such as the department, and direct and minatory drive a vehicle is safe. Especially wet is in have seeper and drive a vehicle of muddy a section of a highway, should live firmly more accelerator, control speed, in using low block through. The attention is slipping through sneaking away when a sector of an area, must not add decrease block a gearshift and urgent apply the brake, although need,decelerate also should rely on to reduce accelerator to control.

Next, want appropriate choice road surface. When there is pothole, riprap on road surface, should consider car from floor space, rotational steering wheel avoids carefully let. When passing a section of a highway of loose, muddy seeper, should special discretion, should get off when necessary observation, won't be immersed in really when ascertain wheel when clay is medium, just can hang cheap slowly stretch is passed. New liberal earthy district, if road surface has rut, should as far as possible along rut travel, cannot take a risk blindly.

Again, discretion is declivous. No matter be sunshine or wet, declivous when the low speed in should choosing is blocked, reduce accelerator slowly declivous, cannot neutral smooth slope. Because the pothole on earthy road, riprap is more, the case is complex, declivous road middling needs decelerate of apply the brake to avoid let, especially some earth road has sharp turn in declivous road, be like neutral smooth slope, when apply the brake cause car sideslip, horizontal stroke extremely easily to swing even the grave accident of to turn over.

The 4th, bring plenary meeting car. Do not want in drive a vehicle with before what the car follows is too close, lest sunshine by before the dirt since Che Yang or wet splash the line of vision of turbid keep out that have. Encounter when having meeting car, should notice to observe road surface. Especially long do not want after rain too stand by road shoulder, jockey when necessary avoid let. Hand in do not hit in disorder when the meeting direction and step on apply the brake, lest car sideslip produces collision accident.

The 5th, prevent sideslip. When front-wheel drive sideslip, should live firmly accelerator, correct direction to sail piece. When rear wheel sideslip, answer to turn direction of sideslip of steering wheel face, wait for rear wheel to place hind sail again in loop. Encounter declivous in when rear wheel sideslip, can nod accelerator appropriately, increase speed, travel of primary speed of a motor vehicle is pressed again after waiting for sideslip to eliminate.
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