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Night drives car skill
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To driving person for, in the evening because of radial problem, have a few blind area, can give drive bring a few difficulty. The skill that masters in night travel accordingly is very fundamental. We let look below compiling by Song Lida, the press compiles to publish in the center of " the car drives experience jewel " in how to say.

The car is in nightly travel road, want timely the working situation that watchs appearance. Engine and batholith have noise of as good as or off-odour.

Nightly drive a vehicle, strict control speed is to ensure safe basic measure. Maintain middling speed travel, the attention adds space following a car, preparation jockeys at any time. To avoid danger happening, answer to add space following a car as far as possible, happen in order to prevent what around car photograph touchs an accident.

In the drive a vehicle in the city, want to notice the pedestrian from left and across driveway. Especially the street lamp on road of our country town is in almost road two side, the light is very dark near road center line, this circumstance falls to should notice more.

In nightly travel, speed should use dipped headlight when hour of 30 kilometers / is the following, lamp illumination gives 30 meters beyond. Speed is when above of hour of 30 kilometers / , should use headlights on full beam, lamplight must be illuminated give 100 meters beyond.

When the travel on the way that has street lamp, can use prevent blindfold lamp or dipped headlight and show wide tube.

Nightly when passing roundabout, should be in be apart from crossing 50 ~ are in decelerate 100 meters, turn into headlights on full beam dipped headlight, at the same time open changes the lamp to signal advancing direction.

Nightly drive a vehicle does not use a loudspeaker commonly. Use light of far and near to relapse normally the method of crossing-over, replace situation of admonitory ahead road. Nightly when jockey temporarily or jockeying because of reason, should open from beginning to end show wide lamp, license plate lamp.

Nightly should avoid overtake as far as possible. Must when overtake, should circumstance of accurate ascertain ahead, after affirming the condition is mature, again the car before follow-up, lamplight of successive commutation far and near (cooperate) with the horn when necessary, premonitory before the car avoids let, before decide the car already gave way truly when allowing to surmount, can overtake. Answer to increase a workshop to be apart from appropriately in overtake.

In nightly drive a vehicle, want to notice construction of road obstacle, road indicates signal lamp to wait, in dark a sector of an area, road condition is not easy when differentiate is clear, must decelerate. Be in danger wants section, should jockey examine, make clear advance again after the circumstance.

Line of sight of nightly drive a vehicle group of undesirable, logic is not clear, often make car deviate moves normally orbit or encounter accident circumstance to take step not as good as. The person that drive should reduce driving speed, in order to increase observation, decision-making with the time that makes response.
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