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11 notes of freeway up train
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Highway is the highway that offers motor vehicle travel only. Can get used to speed per hour to be 120km/h or higher rate commonly. Drive in the freeway, should notice the following item:

1, from full line start off enters masterstroke driveway, have when the entrance when quickening driveway, should pass quicken driveway, raise speed fixed rate. Confluent when, cannot hamper the car in masterstroke driveway travel.

2, ought to distinguish strictly the function of driveway, divide driveway travel, go usually advocate travel driveway, when having overtake only, just use overtake to, make sure wagon flow is expedite.

3, abide by speed limit regulation, speeding makes accomplish sth friend easily. And speed is too low a can cloggy other vehicle is normal travel. In drive a vehicle of day of wet, ice and snow, speed ought to be reduced.

4, the mark graticule that roadside and way in the sky notice at any time when drive a vehicle, rely on right travel appropriately, avoid Zhan to press on the right side of driveway lane line, after with benefit car overtake has enough side direction to be apart from.

5, should maintain fore-and-aft workshop to be apart from. Usually, in road surface the case with dry, good apply the brake falls, the workshop is apart from (M) is not less than speed (the numerical value of Km/h) . If 80m is less than when speed 80km/h, 100m is less than when 100km/h of speed per hour. Note shop sign of wayside workshop range marker at any time. Day of day of the mist that receive rain, ice and snow and distance of the workshop when road surface is damp should increase one times above.

6, do not back a car on masterstroke driveway please, turn around, cross, forbid to exceed central space belt.

7, what do not want the car such as the fire control of cloggy executive task, emergency treatment, public security, rush to deal with an emergency is current.

8, high speed travel should be grasped from beginning to end firm change direction dish, when changing driveway or overtake, turn to angle not to want too big, prevent speed to cross fast car drift. When needing apply the brake, divide second apply the brake had better, do not want one foot to walk dead, prevent car sideslip.

9, when overtake, estimate good space and bilateral speed, when the circumstance is normal, ying Ming date, open left-hand rotation Xiang Deng, from the car before overtake path is surmounted, forbid from on the right side of overtake.

10, light of channel of pass in and out produces change, can affect vision, want to reduce speed appropriately, change in order to get used to radial light and shade.

11, sail when giving a freeway, notice crossing is premonitory card, the car from advocate driveway billabong comes out to enter decelerate driveway slowdown, enter general highway via circling.

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