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Avoid 5 attentions of accident of go on a journey
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In holiday, more and more people like a family to drive together go on a journey. And the much hair period that holiday also is accident of each district traffic. Produce unpleasant accident to avoid to be when holiday go on a journey, must mix before go on a journey the following notices in go on a journey:
The first, car is checked in the round before travel
Comprehensive examination should have to car before travel sets out, lamplight, signal, horn, rearview mirror want all ready and effective; It is normal that examination accumulator charges discharge; The key checks the brake system of car and tire status. In addition, go on a journey brings cord of spanner of neat jack, tire, fire extinguisher, trailer even. Special remind new car vehicle advocate, the exercise that change an embryo is done before setting out, lest arrive when won't change an embryo.
The 2nd, control driving speed
The more even highway, produce the accident that expect is less than possibly the more. Because this is asked,the attention must control good driving speed.
The 3rd, drive prevent exhaustion
Long-distance driving is a kind of nervous and heavy work, extremely easy and fatigue. It is very important to arrange course and time of work and rest reasonably accordingly. Every other takes a rest two hours, do not take nocturnal route as far as possible, not burn the midnight oil.
The 4th, want to make good plan beforehand
Know journey state, avoid to take hill route for long as far as possible; When the urban district in entering crowd market, market, bourg because road condition is complex, must decelerate goes slow.
The 5th, produce traffic postaccident not alarmed, by the following 6 measure undertake handling:
The first pace: Protect good accident scene, the traffic management department that produces the ground in time to the accident reports a case to the security authorities, the spot perambulate that has an accident by the branch that make a valve determines blame.
The 2nd pace: Without giving thought to responsibility size, the indrawn insurance company that wants to be in 48 hours reports a case to the security authorities.
The 3rd pace: When encountering bigger accident, receive to insurance company report a case to the security authorities personnel enquires manage compensate matters concerned in detail; When car cannot when travel, receive please report a case to the security authorities what personnel offers collaboration to repair a factory is free rescuing phone, haul accident car in time in order to facilitate repair repair in shop to manage.
The 4th pace: When encountering grave accident, seasonable to receive report a case to the security authorities personnel discusses case of particular be or get out of danger clear, undertake spot survey in order to facilitate insurance company expedites personnel in time.
The 5th pace: Be like outer be or get out of danger, must have kept all relevant materials that concern with manage compensate, lest because not complete or material is missing,work to follow-up manage compensate,cause needless trouble.
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