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Essentials of drive a vehicle of day of snow day mist
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Although winter drive a vehicle is not difficult, but mist day and Xue Tian or meeting give friend of a few drivers to cause very big worry. Mist day drive a vehicle, must control good driving speed, with before the car maintains good car to be apart from, turn on around fog lamp, if do not have fog lamp, can open double skip the lamp. If distance of the car after discovery is too close, can dub a few brake, but not be true stop a machine by cutting off the power, just let the car after after brake lamp shines, reminding notice.

Mist day drive a vehicle is the heaviest if prevent car sideslip out of control. Start must slow, avoid by all means is quickened suddenly, apply the brake or strike steering wheel. Bit of check is used as far as possible when apply the brake, do not want one foot to walk dead. If the circumstance is not very urgent, had better use file apply the brake. On some cars although was installed,prevent hold dead brake in the arms to reach differ from the lock fast implement (prevent drive wheel to skid) , but go up in road surface of ice and snow the effect is not very ideal. Accordingly, drive in Xuetian, slow still dot leaves had better.