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Sunstroke prevention of summer drive a vehicle drops in temperature guideline
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Summer of the car maintain reach drive to also have knowledge very. Sometimes, car advocate a little unwary very possible damage loves a car, have more very person, menace arrives the safety of oneself. So, when summer drives, must notice the following:

1, do not exhaustion drives

Summer temperature is high, physical strength is used up big, especially midday, easy exhaustion, catnap. Accordingly, want to hold enough Morpheus time, assure energetic. In drive a vehicle if feel Mondayish, answer to jockey in time, have a break appropriately, after staying have one's head screwed on the right way, continue to drive again, ensure drive a vehicle is safe.

2, unfavorable open air conditioning for long

Engine idle when fast movement, benzine combustion is not complete, can produce carbon monoxide. Assemble the car of available attune commonly, sealed performance is better. Great majority person is slow-witted in this kind of environment a few hours can have giddy, listless feeling, and memory also can drop. In the meantime, expiration of the member that the car mies wife is many carbon dioxide, the oxygen inside the car decreases quickly. So the proposal drives the person adjusts appropriately status of air conditioning job, or every other opens car window to breathe freely fully for some time.

3, the sunglasses with too close look of unfavorable Dai Yan

The dark look of sunglasses can the time that defer eye sends past brain the image, defer of this kind of vision causes speed to feel lack fidelity again, make the driver that wears sunglasses makes wrong judgement. Research makes clear, too deep sunglasses meets a driver lengthen 100 millisecond to the reaction time of the circumstance, the result added space of 2.2 meters slam the brakes on.

4, avoid by all means wears loafer

Drive friend of the female in summer likes to wear loafer, already good-looking, go to the lavatory again cool. Some is wearing slipper to drive even. Actually this is very dangerous, when producing emergency if the slipper when step on the gas or brake not fit well, very possible because of this incur loss through delay brake opportunity causes traffic accident.

5, beware spontaneous combustion

Annual summer can produce accident of car spontaneous combustion a few cases. The tall, low-pressure circuitry that must check car so whether short circuit or ageing, whether does plug become loose, whether does accumulator lie regular job status; Whether oil path has leakage oil also is crucial. Additional, aeriform lighter combustible explode easily article also should clear in time. Be necessary to fire extinguisher is deployed inside the car and master operation method adroitly in case accident. This extroversion insurance company is cast guaranteeing a place difficult of access of spontaneous combustion loss also is a tweak.

The car maintains also should notice the following 5 respects:

1, tire
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