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On high speed road careful jockey
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On road of ● high speed careful jockey
For the friend that drives to those jubilation, drive get on oneself love car, going out together with family, friend is a beautiful thing all right. But our love car also can give bit of trouble now and then, if just happen on high speed road, that car advocate be about particularly advertent. Because travelling speed of the car on high speed road is very fast, be in so jockey proper step must be taken when building a car, ability ensures the safety of car and family.
Allowing to build a car on travel driveway. Need to jockey temporarily the overhaul, should shift to an earlier date open turns to the lamp, sail from travel driveway, stop in lash-up to jockey by the regulation on belt or right dypass shoulder. The person on the car also should change right way quickly shoulder or urgent jockey carry the margin, when getting off from on the right side of below door, contact with local policeman instantly.
But if car cans not move a step really because of the reason such as breakdown, accident, cannot leave a lane, must instantly open danger calls the police flashlight, be in rear setting of 150 meters of place warns a mark (long-distance go out to had better carry trigonometry caution card all right) , nightly open revelatory wide lamp, taillight at the same time even.
Wanting those who remind everybody is, even if in the road shoulder or jockey the car is built inside the belt, also not be absolute safety. Car advocate ought to keep vigilant, once have danger feeling, should immediately urgent avoid danger, run to defend the refuge on shoulder of the dypass outside column.
When the need after the car fosters cordial relations between states returns a driveway, should jockey when preexistence lash-up speed increases on the belt, and Xiang Deng of open left-hand rotation, below the circumstance of car of not cloggy and other normal travel reentrance drive a vehicle.
If appear breakdown is more serious, or traffic accident, car advocate should dial car of the 122 relief car that perhaps look for major, clear barrier dilatory drawing, cause traffic accident in order to avoid.
● scene area jockeys to also want to be careful
Go out outer, safety is the most important. Not only the person wants security, car property also should assure safety likewise. Often have a car advocate the scenery is admired to go to the lavatory in journey and park the car in roadside casually, little imagine, cause a car very easily so by pilfer or be buckled. Notice even additionally, be in dish of hill when jockeying on the road, because elbow is very much, must choose to have jockey the local ability of the belt jockeys.
Generally speaking, each tourist attraction has special parking lot, after because this is in,reaching scene area, should park the car the parking lot or be in appoint a place to press ordinal park, flameout hind is taut hand Buddhist templeput on the brakes. When jockeying, had better move car head to the direction that benefit leaves after amuse oneself, lest go when the car is much worse to turn around come out.
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