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Level of specific power consumption of new-style cement working a way analyses o
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One, overview
Our country economy is in a high speed to develop period, the sources of energy is used up also appear to rise substantially, because development proportion is maladjusted, coal, report, oily, traffic carries those who wait for a respect to restrict, be short of the aspect that report and electrovalency house do not play high, still meet in quite long henceforth period of time surrive, the sources of energy especially electric power is insufficient, restricted the development of our country economy already badly. Last to assure national economy, fast, healthy progress, must use the sources of energy effectively, raise energy utilization rate ceaselessly. Pure low temperature more than heat generates electricity accord with national industry policy, can realize circular economy, resource to be used integratedly, the purpose of managing the sources of energy, be helpful for enterprise cleanness production, reduce cost, can develop continuously, have very strong industry to set an example action.
1.Be in early the State Council was made 1996 and published a series of policy that develop resource to be used integratedly, must managing and reasonable use all sorts of existing resource, leave no stone unturned reduces resource take up and use up.
2.Fulfil to carry out " the State Council is approved turn national classics trade appoint the announcement that waits for a branch to use an opinion integratedly about developing resource further " (the country is sent [1996] 36) the spirit that waits for a file, national classics trade appoint allotted in July 2000 - - about print and distribute " resource uses a power plant integratedly (aircrew) cognizance government measure " announcement, this method applies to all countrywide resource to use a power plant integratedly (aircrew) .
3.National hair changes appoint 2003 the bottom comes on stage " catalog of guidance of industrial structural adjustment (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , support of farther clear state accelerates development new-style cement working a way. New-style cement working a way, will be henceforth the project that the government encourages investment.
4.National hair changes appoint " resource uses list integratedly (edited 2003) " 24: Use industrial beyond heat, Yu Yasheng to produce electric power.
5.Coastal economy developeds at the same time the sources of energy very the area of shortage, this year April again drive up doorsill of cement industry admittance, will build day clearly to produce 4000 tons of the following cement items no longer henceforth, in order to raise resource and the sources of energy use efficiency. To already the day of mount a horse produces 2000 tons to reach above company of new-style cement working a way, encourage its to develop more than heat to generate electricity, those who advance the sources of energy is integrated use.
6.National hair changes appoint of formulate " “ 915 ” are energy-saving in long-term and special program " in also press Yu Reyu use (especially cement industry) one of technologies that develop as decathlon key.
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