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National hair changes appoint organization of the department that make use begin
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Fulfil to be carried out seriously " a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating " (the country is sent [2006] 8) spirit, change according to national hair appoint the unified deploy that works about beginning policy of technology of equipment of field of national economy key to weave and arrangement, my appoint hands in carry to manage in July the last ten-day of a month is organized in succession began railroad to carry reach ocean to carry a territory survey of job of staff of policy of main equipment technology. Survey group goes to the car austral China early or late group, boreal car group, medium boater trade group, medium the boat weighs the place such as industry group to belong to enterprise and carriage equipment uses an unit, understanding equipment creates enterprise and the true opinion of use unit, requirement and the problem that exist at present, solve production enterprise and user in order to seek to be made in equipment truly, method of use respect incongruous, make a suit revitalize our country traffic actually to carry the policy measure of field equipment industry thereby. Come from science of railway ministry, the Ministry of Communication, railroad academy, medium the staff of the unit such as boat industry research center played survey.