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Make gold port build content to shed system of electronic business affairs with
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Group of Chongqing harbor Wu is the haven business that first whole in haven of countrywide inland river carries ISO9002 international certificate of quality, also be haven of countrywide inland river in first appear on the market company. Group according to “ one city one harbor, east push enter on the west, the strategy of ” of linkage of harbor of interactive, area mixes from beginning to end “ haven content flows the development train of thought of capital ” , haven, goods and materials, storage, deserve to send wait for content to shed chain outspread connection rises, effort building western the oldest contemporary and integrated other people sheds a group, make the harbor of integrated change trains with the largest advanced position of the Yangtse River and container hub harbor. Predict “ 5 ” of 11 · end, total assets, year income achieves 10 billion yuan respectively, on profit total 100 million yuan.

Height takes construction of electronic business affairs seriously

Be located in Chongqing city advocate the Chongqing harbor of the city zone because its special division the ” of “ gold port that the condition is known as southwest, informatization builds the base that is business affairs of executive electron of group of Chongqing harbor Wu. The haven information construction that the group advanced with some day beneficial 1995 especially through nearly 10 years digitlizes a project, go in the front row of course of study of person of the same trade in the related side not only, informatization construction also goes in long boat front row.

The data of electron of Chongqing international trade that gives priority to with Chongqing harbor exchanges a center to held water formally 2003, the SUN5500 server that its purchased American SUN company, WEB server, firewall, road by implement, the hardware equipment such as the UPS; The AMTrix platform software that acquired Swedish FRONTEC company (special the software that develops at electronic message) , among the development of network of WE Juan BLOGIC that bought SYBASE relation database and American BEA company wait for software product, finished content of Chongqing city port to shed project of EDI system project. Chongqing port content sheds EDI system is so far Chongqing and western the port content that area country the Ministry of Communication supports spreads information smooth Taichun uses EDI system software the first times to build systematic thing to shed platform system, go up with capital on the policy that got national the Ministry of Communication support energetically. Additional, of the platform of electronic data switch that is based on technology of AMTrix, WEBLOGIC debug the job to already also was finished now. Came true with center of EDI of Chongqing custom, Shanghai interrelate each other is connected, realize Chongqing through the network - the transmit of only evidence of electron of container transport of Shanghai foreign trade and the receipt that communicate the message after closing, solved network platform two-way affirm, the handles contact receipt of electronic only evidence and message transmit, the thing that provided security for the client spreads processing information.
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