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Marine sheet card reachs his to be on the move program
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Goods is consigned by consignor begin to collect goods to consignee till, card of a few kinds of main and marine sheet reachs his to be on the move the program is as follows:

1. Lading only evidence (deal with by the consignor)

The consignor is filled make consign couplet sheet (include booking note, shipping order, receive indenture to wait) hind, deal with to the agent of carrier consign, after agent accepts acceptance of consignment, write the boat name of acceptance of consignment couplet sheet inside, keep booking note, other couplet returns a consignor, consignor by export entry with be being dealt with to custom; After custom agrees with discharged, be in namely chapter of discharged of shipping order upper cover, consignor by with deliver goods to haven storehouse or direct lading; Will install next, control company of indenture deliver tally, after shipping reachs harbor, by this tally lading, every ticket goods is installed after going aboard, mate keep shipping order, sign receive shipping list; Tally firm will close indenture to return a consignor, the consignor exchanges bill of lading to agent by sheet receiving money, consignor by bill of lading when the bank deals with settlement of exchange, send bill of lading hand in consignee.

The lading only evidence that carrier deals with:

The procuratorial basis booking note of carrier is filled make loading detailed list and carry cargo detailed list, according to the requirement of carrier, basis loading detailed list weaves goods stowage pursues, after shipping reachs harbor, after sending mate examine and verify to sign, the ship keep, provide agent a certain number of portions, the port of discharging of forward carrier is procuratorial; The work out divides manifest; Procuratorial basis lading is actual circumstance, long compile carry cargo detailed list, after classics mate signs, deal with formalities of shipping leave a country to custom; Detailed list of basis carry cargo is filled make freight detailed list, send toward the agent of port of discharging of carrier and ship company.

2. Discharge boat only evidence (deal with by consignee)

After consignee receives original bill of lading, exchange sheet of pick up the goods to the agent of carrier; After agent signs and issue sheet of pick up the goods, must maintain original bill of lading, manifest and photograph of odd content of pick up the goods to agree; After consignee deals with discharged formalities to custom by sheet of pick up the goods, collect goods to the side of haven storehouse or boat again; After goods is carried clear, carry for future reference of storehouse of indenture keep haven; Consignee fact receives goods little at bill of lading or when producing damage damage, need short sheet of excessive of content of all alone engaging the load or bill of damage cargo, and by in order to carry agent to carrier claim for compensation.

The discharge boat only evidence that carrier deals with:
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