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Thick accumulate thin hair to install Hua Dong of bright sword of triumphant pas
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With “ item oil, safety Hua Dong area shows the new product of An Kai passenger car that character appears ” to give priority to a problem can be in on July 25 Wen Zhou is held. The pilotage of Chinese car industry person, an Kai carries shock of 6 new cars to appear, while to Hua Dong the client shows new car and own innovation gain, those who accept Hua Dong's client examine.

Exalted present as leading role triumphant rich aid Zhen Ankai to make perfect model matrix


Bencihui discussed An Kai to basically introduce with exalted present as leading role, triumphant rich aid blast passenger car of series battalion carry is tasted newly, among them exalted series revealed HFF6140WK86-1, HFF6126WK79, HFF6120K03D and HFF6140SO7D-1 4 products, triumphant rich series revealed HFF6900KZ-8 and HFF6121KZ-4 two products.

Exalted series product is the tendency of the day that An Kai carries ” of low specific power consumption of “ high capacity to comply with a passenger car, according to diverse line characteristic, the much money driver's compartment of development sinks the series passenger car that type designs, in car line of business coquettish get alone, suit 500 kilometers to control passenger flow to measure bigger long-distance passenger transportation.

Exalted series provides representative model most is HFF6140WK86-1 and HFF6140SO7D-1 two models, among them WK86-1 is to satisfy guest discharge bigger user of long-distance passenger transportation of 500 kilometers above and the passenger car of sleeper of luxurious double deck that makes technically, can lade at most 48 berth; SO7D-1 measures user of passenger transport of the short distance in bigger 500 kilometers less than to satisfy passenger flow and the passenger car of seat of luxurious double deck that makes technically, can lade at most 84 seats. These two models are to be in what Saitela develops independently on S315 technology platform, automobile body overall length 13.7 meters, driver's compartment is used newest sink type design, dynamical system matchs run quickly OM457LA engine, rear uses double rear design, air conditioning uses bath type to give wind way. Two models follow configuration of batholith of department of exalted blood relationship of Saitela, heart and admirable workmanship, while for the passenger car the passenger offers the microenvironment inside harmony and comfortable car, also ensured the quality of car.

Triumphant rich it is An Kai's classical range of products, belong to luxurious highway passenger car. Triumphant rich series product owns classical modelling design, exterior line is concise, interior trim is tonal and sweet, most outstanding is to exceed large baggage cabin space, can provide more storage spaces for the passenger, those who suit 300-500 kilometer is medium short distance passenger transport.
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