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Thick accumulate thin hair to install Hua Dong of bright sword of triumphant pas
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Safety is “ key link”Item oil is gotten for “”Install triumphant pilotage China


Of likewise fetching attention is on this second conference, while An Kai was revealing whole product series, also introduced to have safety and item oil in detail of double effect bear the weight of completely automobile body structure, of An Kai advocate passive security, experience of the person that make attend the meeting arrived to install triumphant passenger car to be “ key link with safety ” and the item characteristics that understand ” for “ with item oil.

At present domestic car industry is increasing the investment of safety and section oily respect, the result that brings triumphant passenger car is the most outstanding. According to introducing, the product that brings triumphant passenger car uses the safe equipment of top level, if be in active and safe respect: Use run quickly transmission of engine of OM457LA report gush, G0190 and match ABS, make truckload while motive force is more powerful, also ensured good dynamical performance and safe quality; In passive safety the respect is used prevent hold in the arms dead, prevent sideslip and automatic clearance to adjust arm, disk brake, retarber to wait, stronger assurance the passenger car runs medium passive security. The innovation technique that An Kai adopts in section oily respect basically has: Automobile body is light quantify, sound dynamical system matchs, the respect such as the application that optimizes modelling to design those who reduce accessory of wind block coefficient, engine to optimize design, heat-insulating material and hollow glass.

The person that regard Chinese passenger car as the pilotage of the enterprise, an Kai is producing “ item oil the thought of passenger car of safe high quality ” is how-to below, insist to carry out high-quality goods to change the strategy from beginning to end, in system of group management, research and development standard of construction, technology is made and model system is built wait for a respect to be core in order to produce high-quality goods completely, this laid solid market and technical foundation to install triumphant passenger car to hold to high-quality goods strategy, become for An Kai the biggest in high-grade car production company laid solid foundation.

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