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Marine bulk cargo exports only evidence to operate circuit
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B, number is 1, 2, the receipt of 3 must be offerred by consignor.

C, entrust declare at customs agreement (carbon is OK also) , with the regulation the format builds export unit official seal, fill on corresponding content.

D, paper leaving money. Narrate the foundation that orders manifest to go up afore, in date of name of corresponding positional complement boat, the number of voyages or flights, bill of lading, goods description needs to try to mark with Chinese, declare at customs need to offer shipping order to receive indenture to leave bottom couplet only, the top right corner of each couplet should build procuratorial Fang Zhang. Shipping order of paper leaving money should build the lot order that has generation of this ship vessel.

E, connection is odd. Contacting sheet is agent and declare at customs the receipt of a connection, agent is stated to turn to declare at customs above why to plant all right receipt and share number, turn the receipt to declare at customs before travel, should have filled one form the connection of two couplet is odd, the receipt turns to declare at customs after travel, among them one couplet is due declare at customs the signature of a relevant personnel, file in order to have.

Card of F, contract, container load plan, bill, customs declaration, licence, trade supervision turns to declare at customs before travel due take a heart.

4, affirm bill of lading.

Before A, copy makes bill of lading, should notice consignor has without special requirement, usually, consignor can be made clear in entrust.

B, when if ask to show “SHIPPEDONBOARD” in bill of lading,signing sheet, should notice to go up, chapter leaving a lot (among them all autograph is on the side of SHIPPEDONBOARD) .

C, if involve a lot, borrow beforehand, should have affirmed with ship company beforehand whether can accept, if can be accepted, should fill had made the fax that defend case give consignor, rangjijia builds official seal, relevant ship company is provided by agent again after returning.

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