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Level of specific power consumption of new-style cement working a way analyses o
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Deoxidize is to use vacuum deoxidize system. Because used vacuum deoxidize system, dropped boiler feed water temperature, drop temperature of smoke evacuation of more than heat boiler thereby, reasonable the quantity of heat that used different grade, improved boiler efficiency.
Because optimized systematic configuration, improved systematic efficiency, of whole system generate electricity efficiency is controlled in 22 % ;
Because be not installed,fill light boiler and use useless flue gas to generate electricity, reduced the manufacturing cost of hot pollution and cement production company, with 5000t/d form a complete set of product line of dry method cement builds pure low temperature more than heat generates electricity the project is exemple, be equivalent to burning coal of many tons of 15 thousand mark less every year, little discharge the gas such as many tons of 40 thousand carbon dioxide to the middle of atmosphere, benefit at environmental protection, enhanced the competition ability of the enterprise at the same time.
Because install system of bypass of flue gas, turbine, when although be in,boiler or turbine malfunction, also can accomplish basically the stable production of the cement craft product line with original noninterference.
Form a complete set of kiln of new-style cement working a way more than heat generates electricity device, made full use of what cement arises in manufacturing process is many heat of waste gas beyond undertakes generating electricity reclaiming, more than heat reclaims the process is produced to do not have an influence basically to cement in the process. This more than heat generates electricity the system uses homebred device entirely, installation cost is low, have very good promotion value. The company had been mixed August 3 lion group and Jilin distant source signed Zhejiang the project always contracts the cement of contract; other produces a business, also had reached cooperative intent with the company.
4. Heavy-duty and mechanical company is believed in product line of dry method cement is pure more than heat generates electricity plan
Principle of 4.1 main designs: Power station design abides by “ stable and reliable, the technology is advanced, reduce specific power consumption, the principle of managing investment ” , union is the same as the standard that the technology of the industry develops domestic and internationally at present, use advanced technique and technology actively, energy-saving fall bad news, strengthen environmental protection, make sure its equipment standard is domestic pure low temperature more than heat generates electricity the project is advanced level.
Specific guiding ideology is as follows: 1) . Use practical and mature stability, responsible technological process and device, technical equipment standard reachs domestic advanced level. 2) . Equipment in principle uses homebred device, but the foreign technology product that partial key controls equipment and appearance consideration home to purchase (contain assemble, former outfit) , reduce generate electricity cost and capital construction are devoted. 3) . Act on managing investment, the principle that ensures concise and reliable, convenient overhaul maintains systematic facility, equipment of generation set of reasonable configuration heating power, system. 4) . Implement the law of the respect such as executive nation energy resources, environmental protection, code and standard, actual effect of adjust measures to local conditions, be particular about. 5) . Make full use of former plant has establishment, do one's best simplifies system and decorate, reduce project cost.
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