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Level of specific power consumption of new-style cement working a way analyses o
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Specific plan details sees heating power system ” of graph of technological process of system of attached drawing “ . Use system of home's advanced DCS distributing center control.
Plan of 4.2 main facility:
Turbine of type of filling steam condensation and dynamo its steam inlet pressure, the parameter such as initial steam temperature needs to be decided according to particular system parameter, the purpose is the water corrode that avoids turbine lamina and the efficiency that improve turbine. Luoyang of heavy-duty and mechanical company is believed to generate electricity in choosing the low temperature of filling steam type that facility plant development studies to make more than hot turbine, function is reliable.
More than heat boiler chooses the product of limited company of Hangzhou boiler group, hangzhou boiler is the well-known company that major produces more than heat boiler, its product is famous in countrywide each district.
4. 3 executive plans: According to differring type beyond heats up plan of adopts different technology equipment, undertake design of plan of power station optional location and transmission canal net and boiler cloth establish plan design, low parameter turbine is versed in Cheng is designed, construction work design, the plan design of system of whole hair distribution and engineering the programme of construction are designed. Its are specific project executive plan needs to be decided according to a certain specific power station. Project period need about 13 months to finish.
4, the environment affects an evaluation
Generate electricity with coal, every hair for a time the gas of room of carbon dioxide isotherm that report is about to give off 1 kilogram many to environmental platoon, pure low temperature of 5000t/d cement kiln more than heat generates electricity the technology reduced hot pollution, be equivalent to burning many tons of 20 thousand coal less every year, every are junior discharge carbon dioxide to atmosphere many tons 40 thousand. Dropped the waste gas temperature that takes dust catcher at the same time, make remove dust the effect is better, reduce and reduce more than heat to discharge the to the environment pollution that causes to the middle of sky directly, can more benefit at environmental protection.
1.Affect environmental element analysis: Basically be in cooling water system, use circularly, can be controlled completely and avoid produce any adverse effects to the environment, this project does not produce solid litter. Source of the noise when turbogenerator group moves basically comes from all sorts of equipment. The decibel of noise level <90 of each main noise source.
2. labor safety and industrial sanitation should be adopted safety precaution and executive labor protection in order to ensure from safety of life of personnel of course of study, the explosion proof measure of pressure vessel, prevent electric injury.
Power station of 3. project fixed number of persons (workshop) management: 3 people (factory director: 1 person, total industry is 1 person, safe 1 person runs staff every classes 2 people in all 4 classes, total number is 8 people, overhaul personnel: 1 person of overhaul monitor, machinery defends 1 person, electric defend 1 person, hot project safeguards 1 person to add up to: 4 people add up to 15 people.
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