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Level of specific power consumption of new-style cement working a way analyses o
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5, project risk analysis and control
1. risk element identifies
Analyse a way by risk of project project standard, element of this project risk should include: Policy risk identifies, technical risk, management venture, financial risk, production venture, other venture.
2. risk is analysed and control
① policy risk: More than heat generates electricity is to accord with a country to reach the policy policy that can develop continuously about environment of resource conservation, protection. Country and regulation, the more than pyroelectricity that is more than 1000 kilowatt to the capacity stands, should termless get online and give favourable online electrovalency.
② technology risk: Because microtherm beyond heat generates electricity,those who use is medium, the small-sized condensation type of low parameter generates electricity power station, the power station technology of this kind of type is completely mature to us, nonexistent any special technology risks. The at cement kiln dust density that the risk of only possibility comes to is high, the possibility that generation of more than heat boiler wears away and accumulates grey breakdown increases. Accordingly, when the design of more than heat boiler and type selecting, to this two problems must give enough attention. The technical measure that we draft to adopt includes: Velocity of flow of logical choice flue gas, with the wind heat exchange face is used prevent grind a structure, use perpendicular those who decorate is bright and clean change a face, add outfit brace up dozen except grey harmony the device such as wave.
③ management venture: Itself of station of more than pyroelectricity does not have the risk of management. Nonexistent do not have raw material or be the product sells do not go out to wait for a problem. But, station of more than pyroelectricity is plant of company of leech on to. The at the enterprise production situation that the risk of its management comes to. Plant of dry method cement is being decomposed outside kiln is current the modernest cement plant, its product quality is high, cost is low. Other cement plant is its adversary far from. Future 5 coming 10 years is the period that plant of this kind of modern cement replaces vintage cement plant stage by stage, want its management not to appear only gross error, do not have what risk.
④ financial risk: The number that this project invests is not large, build periodic one many years, begin to have get one's own back from the 2nd year, repay minute years the total principal and interest that drops those representing capital. During its risk depends on repaying if water and electricity expends the price to have bigger drop, appear possibly cannot return borrowed case. Consider charge of electricity will be met henceforth hasten goes up, its risk is consequently less.
⑤ produces a risk: This project is nonexistent obvious manufacturing risk. The at equipment accidental breakdown that potential risk comes to. Our country is current of medium, low parameter generate electricity the production level of equipment has achieved international advanced level, its reliability is very high. Accordingly, this project risk is very low.
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