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Technical equipment is all and homebred Beijing Shanghai approachs " Gaotie time
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Technical equipment is all road of homebred, eight thread is trestle, fare controls —— 600 yuan

Recently, the world builds line last time the whole line of railroad of high speed of Shanghai of Beijing of —— of high speed railroad with the longest, top level start working. This day, distance railway ministry refers conception of plan of line of railroad of high speed of “ Beijing Shanghai to report ” is close 18 years first. Nowadays, the GDP of 7 provinces city has taken Beijing Shanghai along the line 40% countrywide, population occupies countrywide 1/4, main artery of this high speed does not have brought benefit but set limit to.

Effect ——

Two grow Shanghai of the Beijing that pull a hand greatly extremely, all fronts sets 21 stations

After Cheng of tall ironwork of “ Beijing Shanghai builds, passageway of Beijing Shanghai railroad can realize customer money to divide a line to move, be helpful for from go up at all alleviate the situation with carriage long-term and tight capacity of Beijing Shanghai channel. ”Room of Lu Chun of railway ministry undersecretary introduces, 2007 already some Beijing Shanghai lines are mean density of every kilometer passenger transport is 62.77 million ton kilometer for density of 47.82 million passenger-kilometer, freight, it is countrywide railroad respectively of average density 5.2 times, 2.1 times, be in exceeding and saturated condition.

Railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed stands to Shanghai rainbow bridge south Beijing oneself, build crewel railroad full-length 1318 kilometers, the big city of population of 11 66 counties of Beijing of by way of, Tianjin, Heibei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shanghai of 7 provinces city, 1 million above, can realize a car 3 minutes. At the appointed time, shanghai will be shortened by 10 hours of present to the time of Beijing, its carry ability to be one-way and annual 80 million person-time, will be current Beijing Shanghai line year the double above of passenger transport power.

Tie Jiantie in Gao Tie Shanghai of Shanghai of Beijing of Cengren of Wang Yuze of chief engineer of designing institute of the 4th reconnaissance reachs Nanjing paragraph the first to be appointed to an office is overall design chief, he thinks, the rapid flow passageway that Beijing Shanghai tall iron will encircle a stream of people since the form of a Chinese character that encircles with long triangle economy, content shedding, capital shedding in economy of annulus Bohai Sea, form the ” of “ economy corridor that has strategic place, the industrial effect two end to radiate of city of along the line, final hopeful makes increase rate of GDP of along the line rises 20% the left and right sides.

According to introducing, beijing Shanghai tall iron plans to create 21 stations at present, namely south Beijing, Langfang, Tianjin on the west, south Tianjin, dark blue city on the west, heart city east, Jinan on the west, peaceful Shanxi, Qu Fudong, jujube Zhuang Xi, Xuzhou east, old city east, south mussel port, south Chu city, . This Gao Tielian received “ our country's biggest politics center and the largest economy center, pull a hand two old economy grow extremely, get through circle of two old economy, make city of along the line more facilitate carry on industrial move, will be a vital economic lifeline. ” Wang Yuze says.
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