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Technical equipment is all and homebred Beijing Shanghai approachs " Gaotie time
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The strategic meaning of Beijing Shanghai tall iron still depends on perfecting our country to carry a system integratedly, drive relevant industry catenary upgrade. Lu spring house shows, of Beijing Shanghai tall iron build the integral efficiency that is helpful for raising traffic to carry a system, reduce the carriage cost of whole society. And use advanced and mature technology to build Beijing Shanghai Gao Tie, can promote railroad modernization integral standard quickly not only, still will drive steely, mechanical, electron, information, new material to wait for relevant estate development.

Technical ——

Chinese proper motion is designed, technical equipment is all and homebred

Look at 8 large come back dig borer to be in oneself mark paragraph at the same time spud in, what Chinese iron builds railroad of high speed of Shanghai of capital of seventeen bureau group to build direct to grow Liang Yi to conceal a heart hard is excited. He and work in the same placing bear the railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed that build the first mark paragraph —— Beijing comes dark blue city paragraph, be inspected the bibcock of all fronts. “ grinds one sword 10 years, the Chinese will prove, we are completely capable to design construction by oneself, build the high speed railroad with the top level on a world. ”

High speed railroad is contemporary and new and high technology is compositive, also be giant and complex system, the iron of only Japan, France height of ascend of a few a few countries on the world club. Railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed is designed by Chinese proper motion, develop a system independently compositive, use domestic technology to build fundamental project, the technology equips to be made by domestic company production entirely.

Reach Shanghai as Xuzhou of Beijing Shanghai high speed paragraph design chief, railroad senior engineer Jing Shiyuan spent designing institute of the 4th reconnaissance too much not the night of Mian, our design draft at least has “ 2289 pieces, only 4 courtyards have iron 2000 much people are blood of with one one's heart of this circuitry bad news. ”Jing Shiyuan hair of 42 years old already grey, disclose according to him, the research that is as long as 10 years is prepared, for Beijing Shanghai Gao Tie is versed in Cheng devises plan optimize with perfect strove for time, only Nanjing reachs Shanghai paragraph circuit design is counted easy its stalk of grain. Gao Tie of Shanghai of “ former capital is this paragraph along already Beijing Shanghai line is built, the distance between two circuitry has a few meters only, bend is much, speed limit bad news can, through relapsing reconnaissance is proved, two lines distance was achieved now 8 to 14 kilometers. ”

He Huawu of railway ministry chief engineer introduces, our country already mastered speed per hour 300 kilometers and group of 350 kilometers motor-car make a technology, mastered speed per hour 200 kilometers and technology of above railroad whole set, formed own technology system, these offerred a technology to prop up to build railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed.
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