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Technical equipment is all and homebred Beijing Shanghai approachs " Gaotie time
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Project ——

80 % are line length bridge, mature environmental protection falls a confusion of voices

Circuitry of Beijing Shanghai tall iron passes through in China north and the Yangtse River downstream two big Campagna, span 4 flood are river of the Haihe River, Yellow River, the Huaihe River, the Yangtse River, geology of project of along the line is complex, and the program design of Beijing Shanghai tall iron and technical system are mature such as earthquake ruptures the roadbed such as belt, soft earth, lava builds difficult point.

To get used to city of along the line river of concentrated, road develops wait for a characteristic, beijing Shanghai tall iron is hit sufficient ” of “ bridge card, its line bridge grows 1061 kilometers, occupy line length 80.5 % , among them especially big bridge will make the Dan Yangkun mountain of 164 kilometers the longest bridge on the world. “ builds this big bridge is not to contend for what world the first, it is to consider characteristic of along the line cautiously. ” Jing Shiyuan says, economy of “ Su Xichang takes a city to develop, the highway river that span is more, some places 1 kilometer can span 10 rivers. Because of this project and technology measure mature environmental protection falls a confusion of voices, let Beijing Shanghai tall iron waited for environmental influence to fall to climate of along the line, hydrology, zoology nadir. ”

Fare ——

Reckon 600 yuan are controlled. Stock of travel of will fair development collects money when the condition is mature

The railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed that always invests two hundred and twenty billion nine hundred and forty million yuan is the investment dimensions is the biggest construction project since new China holds water. “ builds capital we are to have assure. Cai Qinghua of joint-stock company president expresses tall iron of ” Beijing Shanghai.

According to introducing, inc. of railroad of Beijing Shanghai high speed registers capital gold 115 billion yuan, take the in part that always invests, among them firm of investment of Chinese railroad construction is contributive sixty-four billion seven hundred and seven million yuan, occupy 56.267% ; Restful asset runs finite liability company contributive 16 billion yuan, occupy 13.913 % ; Board of fund of countrywide social security is contributive 10 billion yuan, occupy 8.696 % ; Along the line 7 provinces city will become a shareholder with land convert into money, at present estimation is 23.4 billion yuan, hold capital gold 21% the left and right sides.

Change according to national hair appoint batch of article, the capital beyond gold of capital of Beijing Shanghai tall iron can use a bank to borrow money, consider to issue partial enterprise bond. In the meantime, bring a society into play adequately each respect enthusiasm, introduce investor of domestic and international strategy, implementation invests main body diversity. When the condition is mature, wait for means collect capital through issueing a share publicly, reduce proportion of governmental capital gold.
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