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[Hubei] province government and traffic Department of Transportation advance con
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Implement sanction of the State Council to be carried out seriously " natural resources of Wuhan city group is managing model with the environment friendly model the society builds integrated form a complete set to reform an experiment overall program " with " Hubei province government, the Ministry of Communication encircles “ about Wuhan city two model social ” is built, join forces advances Wuhan new harbor to build, weng Mengyong of traffic Department of Transportation is standing on October 11, 2008 undersecretary, Xu Zuyuan's undersecretary and Li Hongzhong's governor, Yang Song vice secretary, Shang Tao's vice-governor had friendly talk in Beijing Hubei edifice.

Both sides thinks consistently, building Wuhan new port is “ of circle of stimulative Wuhan city two model the major strategy act that social ” builds and bibcock start a project, to developing water course of gold of the Yangtse River further, sufficient play is waterborne cover an area of little, specific power consumption low, pollution the comparison with small, low cost advantage, the main area in developing Hubei adequately to carry pattern in countrywide traffic the advantage is had great prop up, lead action and far-reaching import.

Both sides agrees consistently, the priority discipline of the main carrier that devotes oneself to to regard development study as to carry out scientific progress to watch construction of Wuhan new harbor jointly and construction of ministry province join forces, accelerate advance " Wuhan new harbor overall planning " examine and approve jointly, accelerate Wuhan new harbor construction of passageway of scanty movement of the first batch of projects that start and market, accelerate channel of middle reaches of the Yangtse River to build, as a whole of all sorts of carriage means join to optimize and coordinate development.

Vice director of department of Cao Desheng of Song Dexing of director of Yang Yong of director of general office of traffic Department of Transportation, waterborne department, vice director, program allows to build China reach controller of relevant point room, office of hall of traffic of Yin Hanning of province government secretary-general, province grows Zhu Xiaoguang of director of bureau of boat of harbor of Lin Zhihui, province to wait attended a talk.