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Car of friendship col bank is driven more in direct
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On September 25, road of international of bank of Chinese friendship col carries administrative office and road of Vietnam friendship port to carry control stand, in by auspicious undertook talking first. Both sides will begin collaboration and straight be open to traffic to opened the specific issue such as travel to undertake deliberative henceforth, reached consensus with respect to a lot of problems, signed talk summary. This the talk is opposite car straight be open to traffic is jumped over to pass through in friendship col bank in be being driven further have active sense.

According to the summary that both sides reachs, more square freight traffic will be entered by auspicious China — east content of alliance free-trade area sheds garden, square freight traffic will enter Vietnam to ascend content to shed garden together in. Be not car of passenger transport of fixed regular bus, official car, illicit home car to be able to be in by auspicious city, forgive hill city leave inside limits row.

Department of bilateral port transportation agrees, will be opposite in November in hand-in-hand travel checks license of car of discharged of directer car hair. Work all right to make direct car leaves successful, in October the last ten-day of a month, the local government leading organization both sides, custom, frontier defence checks bilateral transportation department, examine the branch such as quarantine, public security, transportation enterprises, insurance, the concerned issue that involves relevant section again undertakes negotiation. Both sides decides at the same time hold the job every months to meet, negotiate the problem that solves existence.

It is reported, since 2000, freight traffic, official car is jumped over to receive refute in port all the time in, fail to come true direct. Talk this, basically solved freight traffic direct the liberal issue that reachs official car.