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National post office holds development of first phase to learn practice to devel
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On October 10, national post office holds first phase study to carry out scientific progress to watch seminar in Beijing. Seminar of this special subject, it is the main component that national post office begins development study to carry out scientific progress to observe an activity. Member of bureau leading Party group, each province (area, city) postal management board basically is in charge of mechanism of comrade, bureau managing bureau and member of leading group of directly under each unit attend study delibrate each.
Learn seminar by a definite date 5 days, adopt concentration to coach give lessons, the self-study below the class, in group the form such as investigation of experience of delibrate, compose study, questionnaire, congress communication, essence of deep understanding and the great sense that hold scientific progress view in the round, scientific connotation, spirit and basic requirement. The expert scholar that comes from concerned respect learns practice to develop our country of view ” , “ scientificly deep with “ respectively ” of current and macroscopical economic situation, “ deepens administrative system to reform construction of reform of country of service government ” , “ and development a certain number of.
Seminar student still carries out serious study the seventeen great mind of the party, study comprehends the comrade of the leader central such as Hu Jintao to basically lead center of the speaking spirit on seminar of cadre special subject, study to concern important document, file in the class that visit a department, serious union works actually, with “ promotion serves, improve efficiency, promote postal industry science to develop ” to give priority to a problem, how to get used to the new requirement of economic society progress and people better around postal industry; How does postal management job expand a service for industry science better; If why cadre team gets used to the problem such as new start, new job to undertake special subject delibrate better.