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Thirteenth conference of level of the operation of Shikoku of Sino-Japanese Han
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On October 9, thirteenth conference of level of the operation of Shikoku of Sino-Japanese Han Russia that rescue kicks off in Yantai, china is maritime Department of Transportation of director of room of class of total value of the center that rescue, traffic is maritime Di Jiugang of bureau deputy director general attends a meeting deliver a speech, 13 delegates that come from Shikoku of China, Japan, Korea, Russia attended the meeting, the conference by China Zhang Rongjun of vice director of total duty room of the maritime center that rescue is chaired.
This conference last a period of time 3 days, attend the meeting each delegacy will introduce on the meeting from last homeland rescues the job since the conference develop a case, and construction of the maritime infrastructure that rescue and development state of affairs. Each delegacy will review a country jointly circumstance of the bilateral or multilateral maritime maneuver that rescue, strengthen our region the maritime collaboration that rescue undertakes discussion.
Session, representing attending the meeting gets on visiting Yantai sea bureau of deliverance of center of reaction of oil of excessive of the center that rescue, northward sea area, the North sea, Yantai salvages bureau, the North sea the sea is stationed in smoke such as team of flight of the first deliverance on rescue, lash-up unit, and view and emulate by Yantai city the maritime center that rescue sponsors maneuver was rescued on smoke Taiwan Strait 2008. China and Japanese delegacy still will hold bilateral talk, began the content such as maneuver of education of negotiation of the bilateral agreement that rescue, personnel communication, combination to reach consensus.
The conference obtained consummation, delegate of each country attending the meeting thinks consistently, conference of level of the maritime operation that rescue regards Shikoku as northwest Pacific Area the communication platform with the maritime main interagency that rescue, the maritime to promoting an area collaboration that rescue produced main effect, japanese delegacy expresses to will continue to undertake a Shikoku rescues the conference.