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Yang Limin: Development study carries out scientific progress view to raise traf
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On October 9, yang Limin of president of Party school of group leader of group of be careful in one's conduct of the member of leading Party group of traffic Department of Transportation, record that be stationed in a ministry, ministry was in class cadre theory Summer 2008 in ministry Party school development of student of the requirement on opening celebration of class of attend in a advanced studies studies practice scientific, think seriously, active exploration, strive for have on understanding deepen newly, have on understanding rise newly, there is new results on study.

Yang Limin emphasizes, student people should learn through development and think, exert oneself increases carry out the consciousness that fulfils scientific progress and sturdy sex, exert oneself change is incommensurate the idea idea that does not accord with scientific progress demand, exert oneself thinks solve affect and restrict traffic to carry masses of respect of scientific progress and party spirit, party conduct, party disipline to reflect intense outstanding problem, raise leader liaison man to carry the quality that develops scientificly and ability, compose is built assure and promote traffic to carry good the system of rapid development and mechanism, condense the enthusiasm of cadre of leader of broad Party member, initiative to stimulative traffic to carry scientific progress, for traffic carriage career comes true good rapid development makes larger contribution.

Yang Limin raised the requirement of 3 respects to student: The first, want quality of with a view to and ability rise. Party school study should contact a times actual, job is mixed actually the thinking is pragmatic, increase analysis and the capacity that solve real problem ceaselessly, raise creativity ground to carry out the ability of the course that fulfils a party, guiding principle, policy ceaselessly. The 2nd, want to be brave in to think, bold exploration. Want to taking the issue in the thought is known and working, around solve a problem, be brave in to think, bold exploration, rise somewhat on thought of do one's best, break through somewhat on train of thought. The 3rd, want to foster good style of study. Establish good style of study, expensive in practice, achieve truly learn to be thought of somewhat, learn to be gotten somewhat, learn to be become somewhat.

Another report on October 8 afternoon, the member that development of group leader of group of be careful in one's conduct of member of department leading Party group, the record that be stationed in a ministry, ministry learns practice to develop view activity scientificly to lead a group to become holds office director Yang Limin concurrently to call together a directly under is in Beijing unit, ministry is in charge of, deploy begins development study to carry out scientific progress to observe an activity.

Yang Limin asks each unit begins study to carry out an activity since this day, the arrangement that fulfils mobile plan according to ministry study starts each work as soon as possible, working key is cadre of leading group and leader of Party member of above handling level.
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