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Xu Youlin improve the rural road network development efforts for the new rura
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Third Plenary Session of the Party stressed the need to strengthen the rural road construction, to ensure that the "Eleventh Five-Year" basically the end of asphalt concrete road through town, then the universal realization of administrative villages asphalt cement road, and gradually form the interface between urban and rural public transportation resources, facilitate and efficient passenger transport network. According to the central, provincial work plans, the province traffic system adhere to the "construction is the basis for the purpose of transportation is the" science of traffic development, and stick with one hand and the rural road network construction, and strive to village road "accessible Chang, upper level, can be recycled" ; the one hand and rural passenger transport development, rural passenger lines and strive to "bloom through, stay a benefit" to create "network towns, people easy to row, smooth flow of goods," the new rural transport environment for services to the socialist New rural construction as a good traffic first. As of the end of 2009, the province has built 178,917 kilometers of rural road asphalt cement, the new (changed) five-level terminal building of 501 rural, 9655 shelters, shelter and taxi stand 17270; the province meet the traffic conditions of the administrative villages have achieved passenger Full coverage of the network, the province launched the rural passenger lines 5202, 23,144 passenger car units put into operation, the amount of 35.8 million seats keep seat, the total mileage of rural passenger transport operation of 14.96 million km, 83% of administrative villages in the province Bus basically formed as the central city counties, towns as nodes, connecting towns, villages of rural passenger transport accessibility radiation network, formed a resource-sharing, mutual convergence, reasonable, convenient, smooth and orderly urban and rural county levels Public passenger transport network. In order to improve production and living conditions of farmers, and promote farmers increase production efficiency, and promote rural rural civilization progress, driving consumer demand in rural areas provides an important guarantee. Our main approach is to: A concept of "building is the foundation, the purpose of transportation is the" new concept of rural transport development First, adhere to the overall planning and development of rural transport. For rural road, station, transport, construction of link crossing the poor, supporting incomplete, low efficiency and other outstanding problems, my Office on the construction of new rural road traffic crossing the depot was overall planning, and orderly interface, and overall progress, preparation of the " "Eleventh Five" new rural transport development plan ", rural roads and rural passenger stations unified planning, simultaneous construction and simultaneous acceptance, not only ensures the optimum use of resources, but also to avoid the difficulty of the secondary land; established and implemented" local conditions, rational planning, multi-financing, building maintenance and grasping a solid roadbed, road surface hardening, combined with special groups, network accessibility, "the concept of rural road construction," the front down, village of origin, given a four-link, simplify procedures, through Village of households, safe home, "the concept of Rural Transport Development," ferry construction and management, rural-oriented slope shore hardening, facilities, boat seaworthy, licensed ferry workers, security ferry, convenient and reliable, "the ferry service concept, the real Where do repair of rural roads, construction of passenger stations to go, where passenger vehicles had opened. Second, adhere to the policies to guide development of the rural passenger transport. Since the majority of poor road conditions in rural areas, small passenger, freight rates low, poor efficiency, operators are not enthusiastic, are rural passenger transport market, "Absence" and requires the Government to "fill the seats," the specific areas of public service feature very obvious. To effectively change the underdevelopment of rural passenger transport market, the situation of a weak infrastructure, role of the government policy support, the role of providing public services, I established the Office of Rural Transport Development of special-oriented funds, issued a "passenger capacity of Hubei Province in the development of policies to guide the use of funds Interim Measures ", to meet the requirements for three years in particular, to provide continuous service for the rural village of new passenger vehicles in rural areas, visiting 400 yuan per standard implementation of the fixed subsidy. According to statistics, the province's total rural passenger transport policy guidance issued 6.79 million of funds, guiding the social capacity to invest 2.5 billion yuan. Third, persist in reform and opening up and development of rural passenger transport. At this stage, the development of rural passenger transport market is still to fully exploit the market's basic role in allocating resources, and actively guide and encourage qualified companies and individual businesses operating in rural passenger lines. To this end, the province to actively reduce the threshold for rural passenger transport operations, the reform of the bus by the five or more scale in the market access restrictions, a passenger car to engage in rural areas; greatly simplify procedures, passenger lines that meet the rural development plan, to be technology into vehicles meet the safety conditions of employees eligible under rural passenger lines, all to be approved; vigorously promote the "four of a hanging," the operational requirements and flexible operation mode, that of the standard model, given service commitment, fixed service price, will run the region, listing running. Opening line for the development of passenger lines, not regular classes to encourage the development of regional business, opening the season to take classes, go to the market classes, naturalization classes toward evening issued a variety of ways, highlighting the characteristics of rural passenger transport to meet the local people people's travel needs. Second, efforts to build a "government dominated the market as the main" new pattern of rural transport development First, the Government more, taking less, so conducive to the public. Government attaches great importance to rural transport, rural passenger transport development goals development goals as an important part of the state and municipal government signed the "Eleventh Five-Year" letters of responsibility for transport development objectives, clear targets and policy measures, and has in Valley County and Tianmen organized the integration of rural road depot site meetings, in charge of the governor personally involved in the development of rural passenger transport and made important instructions, effectively promoted the integration of the province's Road depot. Local governments have set up the Leading Group and the rural transport Gongzuozhuanban, developed a local road depot integrated development plan, and the site layout, construction sites, matching funds, fees and other aspects of tax policy introduced a series of preferential policies. All levels of local public security, commerce, tax, financial, technical supervision, support and price departments work together to increase the transport market consolidation efforts, clean up the market environment. For example, owners of rural passenger transport Tianmen government has given business management, business and vehicle insurance and vehicle taxes and other charges, examined the preferential service; Enshi City, the Rural Transport Development as one of the government ten events; Wuhan City Government Hannan 200 million per year subsidy for rural bus transformation; Xiangyang government issued "to carry out the construction work of rural passenger transport network," which led the government to speed up the development of rural passenger transport new shape. Second, industry service innovation, harmony and benefiting them. The province as a guide the integration of rural road depot orderly and healthy development, the provincial communications department, transportation Authority has issued a "rural road passenger transport in Hubei regulations", "Passenger on Accelerating the Development of the Rural", "on the strengthening rural passenger station construction notice "and" technical requirements of rural passenger station construction, "and other normative documents, and further defined the site-building technical norms and standards, and basic construction procedures, defined the conditions of rural passenger transport market access, resource allocation, and provincial rural passenger model line construction standards and vehicle technology standards. In the implementation process, operation management departments at all levels of traffic will be shifting our focus to efforts to cultivate the market, market management, capacity to adjust up, focus on strengthening the site layout, construction standards, quality and safety, completion inspection and acceptance of the guidance and supervision. In capacity development, adhere to passenger development and regional economic development, urbanization, road construction progress of the phase to adapt, adjust and optimize the structure, strengthen supervision service, streamlining approval procedures, do benefit the public and benefiting them. Third, hot with cold lines, mutually beneficial win-win situation. Traffic operation management departments at all levels to vigorously promote the rural passenger transport market, the backbone of passenger transport to encourage local and medium-sized enterprises "down front", and actively develop the characteristics of the region for business model, develop the rural passenger transport market. Class focus is to change the traditional line of passenger management "fixed point, fixed line, fixed class" management model, focus on the implementation of regional operations, particularly in rural areas will be designated an Area franchise license for a passenger transport business entities, the implementation of the cold wire Hotline with permission, and students leave, appointment to the next special session licensed independent increase the frequency, adjust the vehicle to fully mobilize the business entities to open the line of the Rural Transport initiatives; the same time, the local government to give towns to villages, villages to villages passenger vehicles and rural ferry ship appropriate subsidies, the implementation of low-fare system, so that preferential policies for rural passenger transport development to better benefit the rural masses. Third, actively explore "different development and standardization of operating" a new model for rural transport development The first pilot "rural bus into the city, public transport buses to the countryside." Accordance with the "equalization of public transport services" concept, our province to Sin Hong Xinnong test area is a typical demonstration of the village, and actively explore the development of new modes of public transport in rural areas. The local party committee, government support, broke through the urban-rural division of the institutional obstacles to the development of the same or similar policies, the rural passenger transport network and urban public transportation networks link up effectively, so that "rural bus into the city, transit bus the countryside ", the initial formation of the urban and rural public transportation resource sharing, mutual convergence, reasonable, convenient, smooth and orderly passenger transport network, and promote coordinated development of urban and rural passenger transport. People said with emotion: in the past into the city is the "trilogy": walk out of group, tricycles out of the village, and then take the bus into the city, a trip down and have to spend most of the day. Today, farmers achieved a "out of the house, on the door, the door into the city," the long-cherished wish, you can half an hour into the city, enjoy the farmers to bring rural and urban transport integration visible and tangible, benefits to be realized. Second, the trial "intensive management and standard operation." Accordance with the "standard price did not fall," the service concept, the province bold experiment, to break the routine, the use of cold-hot bundle tender for rural development in remote areas passenger lines, promoting the intensive management and standard operating mode, to guide the rural self-employed to associate, shares of the way of formation of rural Passenger Railway Company, and take the company, the scale and intensive management of the road, and to create the model line as the carrier of civilization, and improve public transport services in rural areas a new level. Xing Transportation Management Department to develop a "provincial rural passenger model line construction standards", in the province has embarked on a rural passenger model line-building activities, a hardware foundation, transportation environment, business management of the relative norms of the line focus, adhere to point to an area actively promote the rapid development of rural passenger transport. Country to proceed from reality, not only pay attention to grasp site, buses and other hardware construction, and pay attention to catch employees, quality of service and other software construction, the province has created 109 rural passenger model line, which built the provincial culture model of rural passenger transport line 18 , basically have one in each county and above county level model line. Third, try the "typical model approaches, eclectic development." To promote sustainable and healthy development of rural transport, my Office established a rural transportation system development point of contact, the Office of leadership, the Office of agencies and provincial offices and other units were shipped Authority is responsible for directing the appropriate counterparts town, village point of contact, adhere to the grasping point to an area Typical examples in the lessons learned, based on anatomical sparrow to promote the day the door, Qianjiang, Rural Transport Development Gucheng eight other new models. Productive patterns in practice are: the Tianmen line represented a company, centralized management of the joint business model, Wuhan, Qianjiang, Xiantao sent as the representative of intensive classes, more parking, bus fares echelon of the business model, with hot and cold as the representative of Songzi, Lunar joint venture business model tied to Gucheng, as the representative of the regional circulation Yunxi, sub-regional business model film business, to house the county as the representative of the old line extension , the extension of business cycle operation mode. The big meeting we will further strengthen the rural road construction, further improve the rural road depot network integration services, and strive to repair the road fairly well-off farmers, Tonghao car, to serve well.