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Provincial Department of Transportation to implement quickly the vehicle to tr
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"The State Council on the protection of the general price level stability of the basic livelihood of the masses of the notice" (State 〔2010〕 40) and Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, "the State Council, conscientiously implement the spirit of the instruction on the stability of the overall level of consumer price guarantee basic living of the notice" (Zhejiang political invention of electricity 〔2010〕 280 号) release, the provincial Department of Transportation implement quickly the first time, implement the plan, the Provincial Price Bureau on November 26 issued a joint document, notice around since at 0:00 on December 1, 2010 onwards , the province's toll road legal vehicle for all vehicles carrying fresh agricultural products free of tolls. February 20, 2005, the province opened a provincial transport fresh produce "green channel" on the shipment of fresh agricultural province producing province vehicles free of tolls. Subsequently, also the provinces of vehicles has opened the national "five vertical and two horizontal" green channel (covering sections of the province for the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo, Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou, Hangzhou and Jinhua and Quzhou, Hangzhou Ring Expressway and 320 National Highway and State Road 205). According to preliminary statistics, since 2005, opened green channel for fresh agricultural products transportation since the end of 2009, total free approximately 16.7 million. Which in 2009 amounted to 490 million yuan for free, free of charge this year is expected to nearly 6 billion. Have been achieved under the present notice of the toll road owners are stepping up efforts to implement the fees for each site personnel. Provincial Department of Transportation has been training for relevant personnel to ensure that the State Council and provincial government policies and regulations in a timely manner, conscientiously implemented in place. Next, you will promptly organize a follow-site inspection and supervision.