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Wu an Transportation Authority: Aspects of Intellectual Property law enforceme
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Comprehensive law enforcement to improve administrative efficiency, Wu'an Bureau of Transportation inspectors deployed 10 law enforcement patrols on the road every day from time to time, specifically the image of law enforcement officers and not to regulate law enforcement behavior, "prick." Being investigated by law enforcement is not standardized and will be notified depending on the seriousness, serious cases will be suspended from the waiting list. 10 inspectors will be law enforcement officers for law enforcement culture, dress case, standard words and deeds and other aspects of supervision. Law enforcement officers, the treatment of violent words and deeds by law enforcement; without hats, uniforms do not buttoning a shirt, do not wear badges and other irregular; law enforcement vehicles in the hotel, parked in front of entertainment; law enforcement process of smoking, a hand into the pockets of such acts, are within the scope of the supervision. Law enforcement is not standardized, with the approval of law enforcement inspectors, not timely informed of the rectification, the squadron will be sent law enforcement, "inspection notice" be given a written warning and ordered deadline for correction. Received a "notice of inspectors," there are still overdue correction or rectification effect was not obvious to notify law enforcement officers undergo learning. According to Bureau of Transportation Wu'an law enforcement official, for the receipt of notification, yellow and red card warning law enforcement officers, the council will set up their classes, specifically to learn how to regulate law enforcement. Those who fail the examination after the end of the study will be suspended from the waiting list.