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Jiangxi: high alert to secure safe and smooth transport
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Weather that they please, a few days ago warmth deep, and shortly it began to snow and groaning. Following the rapid cooling after heavy snow in northern, cold air have entered the South, cities are also a number of Jiangxi Province yesterday welcomed the first snow this winter. The face of "First Snow", many people appeared very excited, shouted, "snow it!." Meanwhile, the various traffic departments in Jiangxi Province is ready to go, on high alert, based on the protection of the safe and smooth transport. Cold weather, the outdoor temperature has dropped below zero, the whirring of the wind blowing snow flurry. From 9 o'clock yesterday morning in Nanchang started to snow in the afternoon, has made the city a piece of snow. Pedestrians braved the wind, umbrella, walking was difficult. But in the streets of Nanchang, there are still many people afraid of cold, excited about the snow in the sky. Jiangxi Provincial Communications Department at the door, the reporter saw several children had lost its excitement by, out of cell phone pictures taken with each other. Meanwhile, at the provincial hall transportation emergency command center was monitoring a busy. Large display is showing the nine high-speed Chang, Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge and other important sections of real-time traffic, led by the leadership of personnel on duty at all times watching the video surveillance, pending the timely co-ordination to deal with emergency incidents. "From at 20:00 on the 14th, we started the winter weather emergency plan." Jiangxi Provincial Transportation Office of the Director of Security briefed reporters at the Bear Road, "24 hours a day, and stop with all the relevant contingency unrelated to work, to secure smooth flow of road traffic safety in our province. " It is reported that Jiangxi Provincial Communications Department in accordance with the "bad weather, traffic and transport in Jiangxi Highway Emergency Control Measures" Rules of the relevant provisions of the arrangement is in full swing of the emergency preparedness work. Further strengthen the 24-hour "three" duty to ensure that the leadership in place, staff in post, the vehicle in place, information flow, pay close attention to weather conditions and key sections of the joint logistics to enhance interaction with other departments, always prepared to deal with severe weather emergencies preparations for the event.