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[Shandong] long-distance station tried Qingdao on August 1 do business
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Today, qingdao city hands in transport group to release a message to say, those who pass 7 months close after transforming, appearance one new Qingdao is long-distance the station will do business at trying on August 1.

As we have learned, greet as insular city abstruse one of major project projects, qingdao is long-distance the station is whole transform a project to always invest 49.13 million yuan, add floor area newly 9541 square metre, include interior of room of station of subterranean society parking lot, station, station to produce service facilities to upgrade, the beautification of station environment is bright change wait for a few big projects. Among them, build station house 2900 square metre, set the subterranean parking lot of 6641 square metre, can hold place of many 80 car at the same time. Predict new station puts in after using, qingdao is long-distance of the station year send passenger discharge, will increase 3.6 million person-time by current 3.3 million person-time.