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[Shandong] public transportation, passenger transport greets Qingdao Olympic Gam
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Those who regard caique of Beijing Olympic Games as the match undertake city, update and use a situation of the long-distance passenger transportation of Qingdao, public transportation car how? Whether had done receive all directions the preparation of guest?

On June 25, " business uses car news " the market research that the reporter had by a definite date one day in Qingdao. Long-distance passenger transportation: Integrated resource makes a brand

Before as a result of Qingdao terminal of the oldest long-distance passenger transportation of Qingdao of —— of station of long-distance passenger transportation is undertaking an Olympic Games, upgrade finally transform, the reporter chose station of all directions long-distance passenger transportation to undertake investigating. Here, the reporter notices, take Qingdao car besides the other place outside, hang rash U(Qingdao) the white, green alternate with that the intercity bus exterior of license plate is all of one suit almost, automobile body is cleaner also. Be informed from driver master place, these car are by Qingdao the group that make use consolidates management.

Introduce according to manager of the Xue inside the station, qingdao hands in transport group to have city inside all 8 passenger station, it is Qingdao city's biggest passenger transport company, its scope of business still involves the many fields such as service of public transportation, rental, travel, content shedding, car, the passenger transport that he is in one branch is Qingdao one of branches of below the banner that make use 10 passenger transport. Pass integrated resource, qingdao handed in carry to shape unified brand image, “ crosses the scenery line that carries green ” becomes the everywhere inside insular city to see. The reporter observed carefully, decorate from the ministry of inside and outside of this passenger station, the exterior of car arrives the staff member's dress, and even the exterior of partial bus and taxi. Use relaxed “ to hand in carry green ” to regard mass-tone as tone. No wonder in this personnel complex, car comes the station that the car goes to, the reporter's feeling still is well well orderly.

What form bright contrast to it is the nonlocal intercity bus of the berth inside the station, they are mostly individual and all, the brand is multifarious, department lacks standard management by personnel. Visible, the passenger transport company that collectivize runs passes integrated advantage resource, build perfect CI system, improved service quality not only, and let the passenger that Qingdao comes to first promote greatly to the evaluation of this city.

Public transportation: Olympic Games new car emphasizes environmental protection

Although be less than Ao Fan to surpass the spot, the bus on Qingdao ave also can tell you the enthusiasm of city of this Olympic Games: The automobile body flank of very much new car is imprinting marked Olympic Games catchword, car rear unites the number that has ” of “EURO Ⅲ , some cars are sticking “ to fight bravely 80 days on advanced still windshield, greet abstruse the slogan that becomes contributive ” . Around landing stage of famous tourist attraction, the reporter saw many such car.
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