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[Shandong] in relief station of sea of probe of 10 place video is all-around mak
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The member that install check is undertaking installing check appearance to sweep taking aim to article of passenger going along with

In the morning one big early, be Hai Yang rush hour of long-distance station passenger flow, post of sth resembling a net of passenger of car of the pass in and out inside the station, pass in and out is incessant. In one clique busy in, the job installing check on each post also is not loosened momently, after the course installs check strictly, car of pass in and out, passenger, article sends a station.

This morning 7 when, the author is waiting mouth of office entrance door sees, personnel of all pull in is entered from mouth of a pull in, after taking the door, want to be swept through An Jianyi above all to article of going along with take aim, buy ticket to want to confirm a subscribe by the identity. When taking a car, steward even the basis is registered, check the identity and ticket. In mouth of pull in of passenger transport car, the car of firm pull in should install check ” to close through “ sign in above all, undertake safe technical condition is checked, storehouse of baggage of pull in car also should pass an inspection. In the station each area, 10 is in video probe to be being enclothed.

According to this station moustache stationmaster says, hai Yang stands average day sends a passenger 5000 more than person, article of all pull in should be passed install check, car passes inspection of safe technical condition, send the car that sponsors city chime to run city toward the Olympic Games, personnel is to use real name to make take a car. Security of good to do Olympic Games works, ranking transportation business is in charge of a branch, right the member that install check undertook grooming, hold card mount guard; Had civilized service, civilization by personnel to department formal groom; Organized lash-up and fire control beforehand case drilling. Begin from May, there is control cutting tool, lighter to aerate in inspecting goods of passenger going along with in all the banned article such as fill a few, eliminated safe hidden danger.