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[Zhejiang] midday of hair of rapid movement is little face reachs passenger tran
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Always affix “ to send the rapid movement of ” label small, long use other people sheds a company to be able to offer the door to the door (“ stands to door ” ) service.

Ripely express, explain express, medium connect express …… in recent years, pitch a camp in our city “ as more and more express companies ” , business of our city express got rapid development. However, because lack a site, although many express companies send those who go to Shanghai is small to the urban district can “ invents ” today, but to urban hair past article is become, what peaceful arranges and other places is express be at a loss what to do however.

The reporter carried from city tubal branch learns a few days ago, network of the Zhejiang that by each district company of long transport group establishs is small rapid movement, depend on perfect network and concentrated regular bus, and group of two hours of transportation, can be opposite the small “ face of lukewarm city district sends midday to ” , right provincial be like Hangzhou and other places, also can execute service of ” of “ door face each other.

  One is departed business of 20 years

Mention Zhejiang rapid movement is little network, average person is not familiar. But the luggage room that mentions company of each district passenger transport, everybody can know. The predecessor of this new business, it is luggage room actually.

Had multiplied the person of the passenger car to know, luggage room regards the subordinate of car passenger station as the branch, its function is mixed for passenger check namely those who consign baggage. But after passenger transport company is reformed, line of passenger transport class by private contracted, then the room of luggage of passenger transport company of a lot of counties, city also by outside bag. Civil the one chief that becomes prefectural motion company says, the luggage room of their company “ breaks up ”20 year. Peaceful arranges a head of a county to carry the company also begins to quit luggage room professional work from 1988.

The last few years comes, rapid movement line of business a new force suddenly rises, respectfully present from owner style diversity trend, business of express of state-owned, civilian battalion, foreign capital is multivariate and concomitant, wen Zhou develops as coastal economy city, also make the land that the military strategist in ancient China of rapid motion company contends for surely. Garrison rapid motion company of Wen Zhou to already had tens of homes, basically accept 1 kilogram of the following goods, have particular market in Wen Zhou.

A ” of inviting cake of market big “

See the “ cake ” of him door mouth, by these foreign companies together piece divide up, our city transportation enterprises is to look to be urgent in the eye on the heart. As have whole city the company of long transport group of the largest the most perfect carriage network, do not sit above all. Xiang Xusong of vise general manager says, long use carriage network is perfect, regular bus is concentrated, march in order to show some resource advantages rapid movement market, can hold first-rate resource and very large dominant position.
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