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Shallow countermeasure of rush to save life and property of calamity of the inte
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Build as Chinese economy especially the bitter fleabane break out of tertiary industy is exhibited, this one burgeoning industry also got content shedding industry develop at full speed, the construction speed that sheds the content of important segment to shed storehouse as content had rise apparently, the dimensions of content shedding storehouse also presents centralized, dimensions to change, large change. Store to expand space, raise efficiency of have enough to meet need and yield, content shedding storehouse is changed to tall, big, goods shelves, automation way develops. Shedding storehouse to have these new characteristics because of large content, also gave army of fire control of our public security to add greater difficulty and danger to spend in fire rush to save life and property. The Shanghai country beautiful other people that the author builds combinative area under administration strong investment to use below sheds storehouse (big span steel structure content shedding, storage) for exemple, undertake to measure of rush to save life and property of this kind of fire a few peripheral discuss, the place that be less than still asks you to lead criticism.

One, Shanghai country beautiful other people sheds storehouse fundamental condition

Shanghai country beautiful other people sheds storehouse is to assume Shanghai country beauty the content of limited company of electric home appliances
1, all round situation situation: East side: To river creek: Boreal green highway on the west side: Side of north of the road in Jiasong: Tractor-ploughing road

2, plant area and fountainhead circumstance: Share 7 buildings, among them each floor area are specific for, technical service center 2020 square metre, project of subterranean people's air defense 1420 square metre, management uses a room 3175 square metre, worker dormitory 2974 square metre, rest area 337 square metre, room of fire control water pump 135 square metre, main body storehouse 59803 square metre; The ground has 3 passageway, north and south on the west each one passageway, side still has water intake of a natural fountainhead east, plant area hydrant 12, water pump is united in wedlock implement 8.

3, main body storehouse is basic circumstance: The building is 2, building height 24.5 meters, north and south is 235.8 meters long, thing over or across 150 meters, cover an area of an area (one layer upon layer area) : 35325 square metre, storehouse usable floor area 59803 square metre; Use function sheds storehouse for content, its basically are used at depositing of all kinds electric home appliances
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