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Global content sheds industry competition ability sheet of a list of names poste
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World bank released global content to shed rank of industry competition ability recently, singapore resides head of a list of names posted up high, china ranks the 30th.
It is reported, this the rank is world bank carry university of association of express of acting association, whole world and Finnish TUEKU economy to wait for an orgnaization jointly with international, close quality of speed, freight, infrastructure, goods to dog according to goods Qing Dynasty, punctual arrive at other people of rate, country to shed industry competition circumstance to wait for 7 index, shed the sort that industry competition ability has to the content of 150 countries.
The rank shows, singapore regards global business strategy as the center, content sheds course of study to have competition ability most. As we have learned, this is this year first since, singapore ranks the first place on the main pop chart that in the world the 2nd times the bank releases. The international banking firm of world bank and its subordinate was released jointly September " environment of business of 2008 whole worlds reports " say, 2006 to 2007 year, singapore makes global business environment the 2nd year continuously optimal economy system.
In main developed country, germany resides the 3rd, Japan discharges the 6th, England the 9th, Canada and American branch line the 10th mix the 14th, france and Italian rank the 18th mix the 22nd.
China and Chile are ranked respectively the 30th mix the 32nd, front row ranks in the developing country, good export a nation at main oil, chief of a tribe of the couplet that be like A (41) , Kuwait (44) , Qatar (46) , Algiers (140) .
Other rank roughly the circumstance is: Brazil lists the 61st, very the El Salvador at Latin America area (66) , Venezuela (69) , Ecuadorian (70) , Paraguay (71) , Costarica (72) , Uruguay (79) , Honduras (80) , Colombia (82) , , backward Yu Zhili (32) , Argentine (45) and Peruvian (59) .